Top 10 Richest Countries In Africa; See Ghana’s position

Top 10 Richest Countries In Africa; See Ghana's position

The richest countries in Africa is being determined by the Gross Domestic product (GDP) of the country. Here are the top 10 richest countries in Africa. In the list, you will know Ghana’s position.

Richest Countries In Africa Based On Overall GDP.

  1. Nigeria — $440,834 million
  2. South Africa — $419,015 million
  3. Egypt — $404,143 million
  4. Algeria — 163,044 million
  5. Morocco — $142,866 million
  6. Ethiopia — $111,271 million
  7. Kenya — $110,347 million
  8. Ghana — $77,594 million
  9. Ivory Coast — $70,043 million
  10. Tanzania — $67,404 million

Nigeria is the richest country in Africa in terms of GDP in the current United States Dollars (USD), with many emerging industries. This is no surprise since Nigeria is Africa’s most populated country, with 211 million people—nearly double Egypt’s population. This undoubtedly contributes to its GDP.

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Ghana is ranked 8th richest country in Africa, ahead of Ivory Coast and Tanzania. The overall GDP of the country stands at over 77,000 million dollars. Ghana’s population is over thirty two (32) million.

Top 10 Richest African Countries by Overall GDP based on Purchasing Power Parity

  1. Egypt — $1.39 trillion
  2. Nigeria — $1.15 trillion
  3. South Africa — $868.58 billion
  4. Algeria — $535.80 billion
  5. Morocco — $333.24 billion
  6. Ethiopia — $306.45 billion
  7. Kenya — $276.22 billion
  8. Angola — $223.97 billion
  9. Ghana — $196.05 billion
  10. Sudan — $185.64 billion

For this list, Ghana is ranked 9th richest country in Africa based on purchasing power parity. The GDP (PPP) of the dependent or integral territories of France, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and Yemen within the African continent are not included in this list.

Top 10 Richest Countries In Africa; See Ghana’s position

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For the purpose of the data published by the International Monetary Fund, the GDP (PPP) of Zanzibar is included as part of that of Tanzania, the GDP (PPP) of Western Sahara is included as part of that of Morocco, and the GDP (PPP) of Somaliland is included as part of that of Somalia.

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