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Touching: Wendy Shay Drops An Emotional Massage After Her Accident; Check what She Said

Emotional Message From Wendy Shay

A popular Ghanaian Female Singer Named Wendy Shay speaks after her terrible road clash

Life is very short is a common statement that most people usually say when the unfortunate happens. There is a clear evidence that we need to love one another when we have life and not when we are gone from this planet called Earth.  Wendy Shay drops an emotional Message after her road accident. She acknowledge some of the great musicians who provided her aid in times of the difficulties.

Ghanaians on the other hand were very glad for the safety of Wendy Shay as they cannot afford to lose another super start through accident just like the case of Ebony. Wendy Shay emotional message was spotted on her official facebook account as she speaks after her accident and how people treated her.

In her latest song titled Love me Now, Wendy Shay admonished Ghanaians and all friends to show love and care to their neighbours when they are alive and not when they are gone. A person will not receive the needed support, Love,  and care from his or her family members, church members, and neighbours when they are alive. But people will try to spend huge amount of monies on burial and other funeral arrangements which does not worth.

Emotional Message From Wendy Shay

It is rather unfortunate that Wendy Shay had a terrible road accident on the 10th of September 2023. Fortunately, her life was preserved by God Almighty

Below is the emotional message from Wendy Shay

“I recorded this song on 7.09.2023,
had an accident on 10.09.2023.
The lyrics in this song is making sense to me now…
Some people will only love you when you are dead…
I am Alive by the Grace of God.
Thanks to GOD, my family, team, and my Fans for their support and prayers.
Ghana please say a big Thank you to these celebs who showed me love when I needed it most
@shattawalenima @reggierockstone711 @kaywabeatz @brianamoateng @sonniebaduuk M.O.G Beatz @gyakie_ @efya_nokturnal Ayisha Modi@fellamakafui @anthonywoode1 @iamkingpromise @dblackgh @sista.afia @s3fa_gh @eno_barony Nacee Music@wanlov @mrdrewofficial @lasmidofficial1 Amerado Burner@cina_soul @efia_odo @emeliabrobbey @j.derobie @willy.paul.msafi @kikkybadass @scridge_officiel @kdilakmesajea @iamtheosagie @ajeezaygh @abochimusic Official_dacoster @kikimarleylive @kainry_robertson
#darkworld #savedbygrace #ShayGangforever #youcantstopthemusic” the Emotional Message from Wendy Shay. 

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