TUC members threaten to join COLA strike

TUC declares indefinite strike, sends a strong warning on pension funds and debt exchange programme according to Organized labour have kicked TUC members threaten to join COLA strike

While the government is yet to find a solution to the demands of the four striking teacher unions, pressure is mounting on the government to concede and pay the 20 percent Cost of Living Allowance to all public sector workers.

Health workers have also hinted at joining the strike by teachers to demand their share of the national cake as the cost of living has escalated due to an increase in prices among others.

The Trades Union Congress has warned its members may join the ongoing strike declared by teacher unions should the government fail to pay the allowance. If the TUC members join the COLA strike, nearly all economic activities in the country may come to a halt.

Currently, four teacher unions who are on strike to demand the payment of a cost of living allowance have vowed to continue with the industrial action despite the government’s persuasion.

A meeting with the government on the matter on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, ended inconclusively.

Speaking to journalists after the meeting, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Trades Union Congress, Joshua Ansah, said the government’s posture over the COLA payment may push them to join the strike.

“There is nothing to negotiate over. Everyone is requesting what is due to them. We are all preparing to go on strike if the government does not give us anything reasonable. We all want better Cost of Living Allowances.”

Meanwhile, the government is pleading with the four teacher unions and other unions who have expressed interest in joining the strike to bear with the government.

Bright Wireko Brobby, the Deputy Employment and Labour Relations Minister, spoke to journalists about the government’s position and what transpired.

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“Times are hard because of the Russia-Ukraine war and Covid-19. We all feel the heat. We perfectly understand their plight. But then we are quite handicapped because the economic crisis is beyond us. We are only asking that they bear with us as we try to meet their demands.”

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