Twitter, Now X is Adding New Features and functionality to its platform

X aka Twitter is finally adding new features audio and video call support. However, this will not be available to all the users.

Twitter, Now X with new Features

X aka Twitter

In Summary

  • Twitter, referred to as “X”, is adding audio and video call capabilities to its app, but the feature will be exclusive to X Premium subscribers.
  • Users able to access these features must opt-in and can choose to accept calls from verified users.
  • Currently, X has struggled to attract users to their premium service, selling around 1 million subscriptions compared to Snapchat’s 5 million for their premium service

Audio, video calls are coming to X aka Twitter but only some users will get it.

They want the app to do more than just tweeting. Now,Tech Crunch has reported that the new adding features are coming soon looking at its codes. It seems the app will let you make both audio and video calls. But there’s a catch: only people with an X Premium membership can use this feature.

A tech expert turned investor named Chris Messina found this info by looking at the code in the X app. Here’s how it will work: X users can choose to get the new  adding features: audio and video calls from verified users, people they follow, or contacts from their address book, depending on what they want.



The description of this new adding feature says you can “Take messaging to the next level with audio and video calls. Turn the feature on and then select who you’re comfortable using it with.” This means you have to choose to use it; it won’t be forced on you.

When someone tries to send a direct message (DM) on the app, they will see a warning. It will say that “audio and video calls are a premium feature,” and it will ask you to “subscribe to gain access.” In simple terms, you have to pay for X Premium to use this feature.

X Premium used to be called Twitter Blue, and it offers several cool features like verification, fewer ads, post editing, longer posts, better search, and more.

X  struggling to attract users to their premium service

But here’s the thing: X hasn’t been able to convince many people to get X Premium. Research by Travis Brown, who keeps an eye on these things on GitHub, suggests they’ve only sold about 1 million subscriptions. Just so you know, Elon Musk, who owns X, recently said the app has 550 million people using it every month.

Comparing this to other apps, Snapchat’s premium service called Snapchat+ has over 5 million users. And experts believe that Meta’s subscription called Meta Verified will have 12 million subscribers early next year.

One more thing to note: Since Elon Musk took over, X doesn’t respond to requests for comments anymore. Instead, they send automatic messages to reporters who reach out to them.

In a nutshell, X is adding new features audio and video calls to its app, but only people with X Premium can use them. They haven’t convinced many folks to get X Premium yet, while other apps like Snapchat and Meta seem to be doing better with their premium services. And if you try to talk to X about it, you’ll likely get an automated response.

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