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UCC 1 Year Top-Up: What to do if you paid fees but can’t access portal

=3-semester top-up programme

One of the biggest questions of UCC 1 Year Top-Up applicants is “What to do if you paid fees but can’t access the portal?

All those who gain admission and were able to make either full payment or half of the said amount should kindly wait for 24hrs before proceeding to the below procedure to finally select their Elective Course which corresponds to the previous course offered at college and also select their preferred Study Centre.

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How to UCC 1 Year Top-Up access portal


  1. Enter your admission number and click on verify.
  2. Click on select and elective/major to choose an elective course.
  3. Click on select center to choose a center of your choice.
  4. Click on confirmation to submit (kindly cross-check before you submit because, after submission, you cannot edit).
  5. You will finally receive a congratulations message

According to an exclusive consultation with THE ADMINISTRATORS @ INSTITUTES OF EDUCATION-UCC, the information received was that their system is down small and they’re having some challenges, so all those who are having any challenges should kindly relax everything will be fine.

Students who have paid will have their admission processed and dealt with accordingly to enable them to select the course as well as a study centre. Due to how the site is misbehaving and the challenges, the deadline may be extended.

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All applicants who paid fees but can’t access the portal are to follow the above procedure or contact the school.



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