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Tertiary Hope for Free SHS Graduates – Government to unveil plans today

Tertiary Hope for Free SHS Graduates

The government of Ghana would today announce the full details of what it calls the “Tertiary Hope for Free SHS Graduates”.

The program which is under the leadership of the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat (GSS) is a collaboration between the Secretariat and the Ministry of Education.

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According to information reaching GhanaEducation.Org, the government is scheduled to brief the press today, the 1st of December, 2020 on the full details of the much-awaited information about the package the government has for the Free SHS graduates.

The press briefing dubbed “The Big Announcement” comes nearly 6 days to the December general elections. The timing of the programme has been questioned by some sections of Ghanaians, especially when the special voting by media staff, security offices, and other individuals who will provide essential services on election day are casting their votes today.

The GhanaEducation.Org team expects the press briefing to explain the form of scholarship packages graduates of the Free SHS policy would receive.  

The government has in recent times indicated that students who excelled in the 2020 WASSCE would be provided scholarships to ensure they can access tertiary education and build their respective areas. 

The press briefing will officially inform the public of the government’s commitment to promises made by the leadership of the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat after students from poor homes scored good grades but complained about the inability of their parents to invest in their tertiary education.

The Hope for Free SHS Graduates is that they will enjoy some level of financial support to ease the burden of parents in January 2021 when schools reopen for academic work.

Investing in education through scholarships for tertiary education and skills training is important in preparing our manpower for tomorrow’s needs. Government support in financing the education of the masses also helps to increase access to education and help reduce or eradicate poverty and create opportunities for all.


Source: GhanaEducation.Org

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