UEW Postgraduate Programmes – Full List

The University of Education, Winneba(UEW) currently runs over 130 postgraduate programmes. The university currently has two campuses; Winneba campus(Main) and Ajumako Campus.

Let’s take a look at all the postgraduate programmes offered by the university.


  1. Ph D. English
  2. Ph D. French
  3. Ph D. Applied Linguistics
  4. Ph D. Communication and Media Studies
  5. Ph D. Social Studies Education
  6. Ph D. Special Education
  7. Ph D. Counselling Psychology
  8. Ph D. Arts and Culture
  9. Ph D. Music
  10. Ph D. Mathematics Education
  11. Ph D. Science Education
  12. Ph D. Educational Leadership
  13. Pd. D. Social Studies Education
  14. M. Phil. French
  15. M. Phil. English
  16. M. Phil. Teaching English as a Second Language
  17. M. Phil. Applied Linguistics
  18. M. Phil. Social Studies Education
  19. M. Phil. Human Rights, Conflict and Peace Studies
  20. M. Phil. Counselling Psychology
  21. M. Phil. Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies
  22. M.Phil.  Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation
  23. M.Phil.  Instructional Design and Technology
  24. M. Phil. Special Education
  25. M. Phil. Educational Administration & Management
  26. M. Phil. Basic Education
  27. M. Phil. Early Childhood Education
  28. M. Phil. Music
  29. M. Phil. Arts and Culture
  30. M. Phil. Family Life Management Education
  31. M. Phil. Clothing and Textiles
  32. M. Phil. Food and Nutrition
  33. M. Phil. Science Education
  34. M. Phil. Mathematics Education
  35. M. Phil. Physical Education and Sports Studies
  36. M. Phil. Integrated Science Education
  37. M. Phil. Environmental Science
  38. M. Phil. Biology Education
  39. M. Phil. Economics
  40. M. Phil. Finance
  41. M. Phil. Development Finance
  42. M. Phil. Accounting
  43. M. Phil. Business Administration (Human Resource Mgt. option)
  44. M. Phil. Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  45. M. Phil. Geography with Education
  46. M. Phil. History Education
  47. M. Phil. Art Education
  48. M. Phil. Chemistry Education
  49. M. Phil. Information and Communication Technology Education
  50. M. Phil. Entrepreneurship and Innovations Management
  51. M. Phil. Visual Communication Studies
  52. M. Phil. Textiles and Fashion Education
  53. M. Phil. Theatre Arts
  54. M. Phil. Political Science Education
  55. M. Phil. Ghanaian Language Studies
    MFA Theatre Arts
  56. M. A. Theatre Arts
  57. M. A. Journalism and Media Studies
  58. M. A. Strategic Communication
  59. M. A. Development Communication
  60. M. A. Communication Instruction


  1. Educational Administration and Management.
  2. Special Education.
  3. Counselling Psychology
  4. French Education.
  5. Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL).
  6. English
  7. Ghanaian Language Studies.
  8. Applied Linguistics.
  9. Social Studies Education.
  10. Conflicts, Human Rights, and Peace Studies.
  11. Geography with Education.
  12. Political Science Education.
  13. Food and Nutrition.
  14. Clothing and Textiles.
  15. Family Life Management.
  16. Physical Education and Sports Studies.
  17. Science Education.
  18. Mathematics Education.
  19. Music.
  20. Arts and Culture.
  21. Art Education.
  22. Journalism and Media Studies.
  23. Strategic Communication.
  24. Development Communication.
  25. Communication Instruction.


  1. MBA Accounting
  2. MBA Finance
  3. MBA Marketing
  4. MBA Human Resource Management
  5. MBA Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  6. MSC Development Finance
  7. M. A. Journalism and Media Studies
  8. M. A. Strategic Communication
    M. A. Development Communication
  9. M. A. Communication Instruction
    Exec. Masters Human Rights, Peace and Conflict Studies
  10. MBA Management Information System
  11. Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (PGDTLHE)


  1. M.Ed. English
  2. M.Ed. Mathematics
  3. M.Ed. Science
  4. M.Ed Institutional Mentorship and Supervision
  5. M.Ed Educational Administration and Management
  6. M.Ed Counseling Psychology
  7. Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)


  1. M.Ed. Biology Education
  2. M.Ed. Computer Education and Technology
  3. M.Ed. Counselling Psychology
  4. M.Ed. Early Childhood Education
  5. M.Ed. Educational Administration & Management
  6. M.Ed. French Education
  7. M.Ed. Geography
  8. M.Ed. Home Economics Education
  9. M.Ed. Mathematics
  10. M.Ed. Physical Education & Sports Studies
  11. M.Ed. Political Science Education
  12. M.Ed. Science Education
  13. M.Ed. Social Studies
  14. M.Ed. Special Education
  15. M.Ed. Supervision
  16. M.Ed. Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)
  17. Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
  18. M.A. Art Education
  19. M.A. Arts & Culture
  20. M.A. English
  21. M.A. Ghanaian Language Studies(Ajumako)
  22. M.A. History Education
  23. M.A. Human Rights, Conflict and Peace Studies
  24. M.Sc. Biology
  25. M.Sc. Development Finance
  26. M.Sc. Economics Education

All interested applicants are advised that the 2023/2024 admission portal has been opened for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies. Visit the university’s website and apply now.

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