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uLesson a must have Learning App For Better Grades (Primary to SHS)

uLesson a must have Learning App For Better Grades (Primary to SHS)

uLesson is a world-class Learning App For Better Grades which can be used by students preparing for pre-tertiary examinations at the primary, JHS, and SHS levels.

The strategic aim of the developers of the app is to help students not only learn but position themselves to make better grades.

Getting better grades just got easier as the uLesson app which is a free educational learning can be used by learners studying the Basic and Secondary School levels.

Thus, WASSCEGCSE, A levels, BECE, GCE, NECO, JAMB candidates who are preparing for the exit examinations can take advantage of the quality lessons provided through the app to improve on their knowledge on subjects taught and lessons provided on the app.

uLesson Education has also introduced Live Lessons which is are online classes led by expert Tutors and learn different concepts in Science, Mathematics, and English Language. Students can interact with tutors, ask questions, compete in quizzes and learn with other students from all around the world!

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Why Use uLesson app?

The uLesson is a world-class Learning App For Better Grades because it combines highly engaging videos and personalized learning.

The uLesson app also leverages best-in-class teachers, media, and technology to help students learn, understand and practice concepts in an easy, fun, and engaging manner.

It also helps learners to learn and understand difficult subjects easily as concepts are explained in ways that make them easy to grasp. 

Students who use the app have better chances of improving their school grades and success.

What are the features available on the uLesson app?

Good educational apps are rare to find and one of such apps is the uLesson app which has some amazing features. 

  1. The app provides Daily Live interactive classes with expert tutors across various subjects
  2. Students get help with homework or ask a tutor questions while learning with the 1 on 1 chat feature.
  3. The app has a vast library of curriculum-relevant lessons for Primary and Secondary School learners.
  4. Learners enjoy a personalized learning experience that allows them to learn at their own pace.
  5. There are great lesson videos for learners to learn with. Learners can conveniently learn by watching, pausing replaying all videos to get facts shared accurately.
  6. The uLesson app has more than 18,000 interactive quizzes and tests which come with very good and undisputed solutions to help learners understand what they are learning and why given answers are right. 
  7. It also has a learning analysis dashboard to help monitor student progress and performance.
  8. uLesson, the Learning App For Better Grades has series of Practice Exams with step-by-step solutions.
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Subjects on the App
The uLesson app offers comprehensive learning programs for;
Primary School: Mathematics, English, Science & Tech.

Junior Secondary School: Mathematics, English, Integrated Science, Basic Design and Technology and Business Studies
Senior Secondary School: Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Users of the app have left some amazing and heartwarming messages that show that this is a must-have app for effective teaching, learning, and student support by teachers, parents, and students.

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Download the App now to start Learning for Free

For Support and Feedback, send an email to [email protected] or call +2347000222333 or +233596921140



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