Understanding Inclusive Education And Its Realities In The School System

Inclusive education has given us a new face to the educational system where learners of all abilities are engaged in class lessons for lessons to continue. The educational systems in Ghana must understand the relevance of Inclusive education and the need to practice it.

Many schools in Africa do not pay heed to the essence of practicing Inclusive education and the need to understand some of the terminologies as far as inclusivity in the education system is concerned.

We must understand what Diversity is about before Inclusivity can take place in our various schools. There are so many myths related to children with disabilities that teachers or instructors must avoid. Classrooms should be very friendly, and accommodating, and equal participation must be given to all students. Here are some tips and issues to consider and inclusivity is mentioned.

Diversity refers to the different abilities in the school. In the classroom, students have different abilities and strengths. The diversity can be age differences, culture, race, Gender, Religion, Ethnicity, Skills, Nationality, and many others.

Inclusivity has to do with the ability to engage all learners in various activities without segregation. In Inclusive

Understanding Inclusive Education And Its Realities In The School System

In education, no child is excluded from any activity as a result of the degree of his or her disability.

In Inclusive education, every child is accepted into the school community.

Some Facts about Inclusive Education.

Inclusive Education is supported by the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

It is also supported by the Ghana Inclusive Education Policy (2015).

The National Curriculum Of Primary Schools (2019) is embedded in or contains the principles of Inclusive Education.

Disability can be defined as a challenge or problem associated with the natural part of the Human Condition.

Categories Of Disability.

Blind or slow vision

Communication Challenges

Deaf/hearing problem.

Intellectual Problem.

Attention challenge.

How to Support Students With Physical Disability.

Encourage peer support.

Encourage Participation for learners to take part in the activities.

Ensure whole school and community support for learners with physical disabilities.

Avoid discrimination against learners with physical disabilities.

Truth About Inclusive Education.

1. All learners can learn when given the needed support.

2. Negative activities toward children with children disabilities lead to exclusion.

3. Teachers must reflect on their teaching to avoid myths associated with Children with disabilities.

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