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How to verify MTN Momo on ECG Power App

ECG new and seperate meter application goes paperless on February 1, 2024 ECG PowerApp updated with enhanced cashless transactions Easy steps to buy ECG prepaid online using an app in 2023. Follow these easy steps to install the app and make all your purchase online Verify MTN Momo on ECG Power App

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has introduced a new feature that permits only verified MTN Momo phone numbers to buy power using the power company’s ECG Power App. The ECG has indicated that from 15th July this new requirement will take effect.

“This new change, applies only to MTN Mobile Users but not customers of other networks and takes effect from July 15, 2021.” it company said.

This requires that MTN users get their phone numbers on the app verified by the Electricity Company of Ghana on its inbuilt verification system.


SUGGESTED FOR YOU: Only Verified MTN Momo numbers can use ECG Power App from July 15th 

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How to verify MTN Momo on ECG Power App

Current users of the app must log in to their accounts.

ECG Power App and buying power in Ghana

Click on the user settings option

MTN Momo and ECG Power App

On the next interface that opens, click on the first option:Register Phone Number

Check how Verify MTN Momo on ECG Power App


Enter your Momo number connected to the ECG Power App and click OK to continue.

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ECG Power App

You will receive a 5-digit PIN, in a message like this one “Use verification code 12425 to verify phone number for payment.” Enter this pin to verify your number and click OK.

Verify MTN Momo on ECG Power App


If the correct number is entered, you will receive a message on the app that the phone number verified successfully. All customers are encouraged to verify MTN Momo on ECG Power App so as to enjoy the convenience the app provides.

If you do not have the ECG power-up of convenience, take a few minutes to download and install.

ECG Power – Apps on Google Play – Download



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