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We’ll get TEACHERS LEGACY ARREARS paid through the Court – Innovative teachers

We'll get TEACHERS LEGACY ARREARS paid - Innovative teachers


Since the government forced teachers back into the classroom through a Court injunction nothing has been done to pay the affected teachers.

One cannot fathom but wonder why the government went to court to stop the strike in January 2020 but teachers can’t go to court to demand payment of the legacy arrears. The only place to solve this problem is the court.

The value of the amount each affected teacher is entitled to keeps dwindling.

The most annoying part is that the impression has been created by GES that all affected teachers have been paid. What is worrying is that GES is pretending it doesn’t owe any teacher.

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INNOVATIVE TEACHERS is rallying all teachers who are owed salary arrears to sue GES in a court of law to demand the payment of the salary arrears. It is only through the law Court that all teachers will be paid including interest on the salary arrears owed to each affected teacher.

In court, GES will be challenged to provide evidence of payment to the affected teachers. If GES can’t provide evidence of payment the court will order the arrears to be paid with interest.

INNOVATIVE TEACHERS would like every teacher who is willing to be part of a class action to sue GES for the payment of the legacy arrears to get in touch. NEWLY RECRUITED TEACHERS FROM COLLEGES OF EDUCATION UNIVERSITIES POLYTECHNICS and SHS and REINSTATEMENT from 2011 to 2016.

Upgrading and promotion are not part. Their time will come in the second court action. In April this year a similar request was sent to teachers but the scanned documents were not legible and did not include other documents needed in court according to our lawyers.

Please send Hi to 0200837911 on WhatsApp. The required documents needed by the lawyers will be sent to you on WhatsApp when you send Hi.

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You can call 0591427807 for more details. Please don’t allow thousands of cedis that can do something for you and your children go down the drain.

No member of parliament is owed legacy exgratia. We also deserve what is rightfully ours.

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INNOVATIVE TEACHERS is here to assist you claim all your salary arrears with interest. We can’t help teachers who are not willing to submit their documents in court. There is nothing to be afraid of. Kindly share this on all social media platforms to create awareness.

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The closing date for the submission of documents is 15th August 2021.

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