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Wesley Girls Ramadan Fast: Muslim Students Association warns of possible reprisal attacks

Wesley Girls Ramadan Fast and Muslims Students

The Ghana Muslim Students Association (GMSA)  has warned of “violent confrontations and reprisals” over the Wesley Girls Ramadan Fast Brouhaha.


Wesley Girls Ramadan Fast and the stands of Muslim Students

(GMSA) has criticized the Church for the way it dealt with the issue. It believes the Methodist Church has not been sensitive in dealing with the issue of whether Muslim students can fast in the school as required of them in the month of Ramadan.

The Association has criticized the church for its handling of the issue, saying that it has not been sensitive in dealing with the matter.

“We urge the church community to emulate the good example of the National Chief Imam in dealings of issues as delicate as religion by calling on its members on a spin mission so not to lead to the outswirl emotion and the prospect of violent confrontation and reprisal. Peace and unity ought and must lead the way in every national discourse.’’ he said in an address.

He furthered that the school’s decision to prevent Muslims from fasting was a breach of the 1992 constitution and must be resisted by stakeholders.

He added that urgent steps must be taken to address the issue, adding that it has national security concerns.

“We, therefore, call on the president, the Christian Council, the speaker of parliament, and the Peace Council to rise and defend the constitution. The Muslim student is not asking for much, we are only asking to be Muslims; be it at our workplaces or on campuses. A Muslim is not a Muslim if he does not observe the five daily prayers, a Muslim is not a Muslim if he does not fast in the month of Ramadan, and this is what the Wesley Girls School is robbing the Muslim student off. We call on all meaning Ghanaians because this issue has a national security concerns,” he added.

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Chief Imam calls for National Dialogue

The Office of the National Chief Imam has also called for immediate dialogue between Muslim and Christian leaders to resolve the current impasse in the Wesley Girls High School.

He says that the harmony between Christians and Muslims is at a threat if the impasse is not resolved quickly.

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Spokesperson for the Chief Imam, Shiekh Armiyawo Shaibu, speaking to Accra-based Citi FM said,

“We don’t fault them, but then we are calling on them to let us all use cool head and let calm prevail as we look for an opportunity to resolve this issue. The Chief Imam has called for an immediate consultation between the leaders of Muslims and Christians and I think that we will explore the avenues to ensure that we really organize that engagement. What we are going to do is what I call an empathetic engagement where both Muslims and Christians are using their heart to resolve an impasse which we think is jeopardizing the harmony in the country”

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