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Allegation: Students pay “Teachers Motivation Fee” at Berekum Methodist SHS

A social media user has informed the Ghana Education Service via its Facebook page of an alleged charging of  “Teachers Motivation Fee” at Berekum Methodist SHS.

The GES has instructed Free SHSs not to charge unapproved fees and levies per the Free SHS policy.

According to the poster, the school is charging each student GHS85.00 per semester for what it calls “Teachers motivation fee”

The government of Ghana has scrapped off all policies that ensure parents pay for their wards’ education at the SHS level including the payment of PTA levies among others.

In a recent interaction, the Minister of Education indicated that, although Secondary education is free in Ghana under the Free SHS policy, parents who want to support the schools of their wards could do so.

The commentator, one De Beek Stindle wanted to know from the Ghana Education Service if the Free SHS was over and further called on the service to bring Berekum Methodist SHS to order.

This is an allegation that the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education must take a keen interest in ensuring the Free SHS policy is not compromised when it comes to the nonpayment of unproved fees and levies by parents.

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“Why are senior high schools charging students to pay 85cedis every semester?? Is the Free SHS over?? Please call Berekum Methodist SHS to order because the payments there are too much. Students pay teachers motivation fee why”

 "Teachers Motivation Fee" at Berekum Methodist SHS


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