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Why BECE Graduates Should Offer Business In Senior High School

The business programme is undoubtedly the most offered programme in various universities in Ghana. Several WASSCE graduates apply to offer one of the Business programmes at the university level even if they did other programmes at the SHS level.

The business programme is for students who wish to pursue business-related programmes in tertiary institutions including Colleges of Education and Universities.

It has several job opportunities after school. Easy employment awaits business students. Even without employment, business students can easily jobs for themselves and employ other graduates.

Courses Offered Under Business Programmme At The SHS level.

1. Business Management

A Business enterprise is an organization for managing resources to satisfy human needs and wants. A healthy economy and an improved standard of living depend on efficient and purposeful management of resources for the production of goods and services. Without an efficient management system, no organization can achieve any meaningful growth to be able to contribute financially and socially to its owner(s), staff and to the nation in general. One of the major goals of Ghana‟s economic development is to improve the nation‟s management
capability towards the enhancement of the standard of living of its people.
The course in business management will help to develop a business management culture, which is vital for promoting economic development. It is also intended to acquaint students with knowledge of principles and procedures in business and skills that are necessary for a successful business career

The course will further lead to the acquisition of attitudes that are necessary for success in modern
business practice.

2. Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting is a prerequisite for sound management of business and non-profit oriented organizations. Lack of accounting efficiency has led to irregularities in the financial administration of both public and private institutions in the country. The improvement in accountancy education, besides moral and ethical training, has in a significant way improved the efficient operations of the economic sector of the country‟s development in recent years. The rapid increases in the number of institutions as well as the general expansion in business activities in Ghana have increased the demand for accounting personnel at all levels. This has made accountancy education assume a high priority in the human resource l development programme of the country. Accountancy education leads to  improvement in students‟ numeracy skills and further provides them with
background skills for future business studies.

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Accountancy offers ready employment to students who do well in the subject, thus offering them life long enriching careers such as accountant, auditor, banker, financial analyst, tax consultant, management consultant, accounting lecturers/ teachers etc. This syllabus contains enough accountancy knowledge and skills for Senior High School students for purposes of their end-of course examination.
The syllabus also prepares students towards future career paths in accounting related vocations as well as provides them with an adequate foundation for pursuing higher professional and academic courses in accounting

3. Economics

People, as well as, countries have the need for more and better quality goods and services such as better food, clothing, housing, schooling, hospital care and entertainment. These goods and services can only be obtained by the use of resources such as Land, Labour, Capital and Entrepreneurship which are scarce relative to the demand for them, and which, therefore, need to be managed. Economics, indeed, is the study of the management of relatively scarce resources for satisfying the needs of individuals, organizations and countries.
As a practical subject, Economics helps to provide an effective framework for individuals, firms and governments to identify their basic economic problems and make necessary decisions and policies for raising the living standards of people and societies. Indeed, the study of Economics helps the individual to develop skills for managing his/her economic resources efficiently both in the family and in business. The course further equips students with the basic
tools required for further

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4. Cost Accounting

Cost accounting as a discipline in the business programme equips students with the basics of cost awareness and cost reduction to ensure the creation and cautious use of resources in small and large scale organizations. Sections selected include basic principles, costing methods for cost and pricing purposes, costing techniques that are used to control and make informed decisions to bear on cost units and cost centres in
an organization. There are other topics that could be applied to cost determination and pricing of products.
A study of the principles provides in-depth knowledge and skill required for determining, analyzing and reporting cost information in small-scale businesses and other organizations. It realizes and maintains the tenets of morals and values associated with the business program as a whole.

5. Elective Mathematics – E Maths

The abilities to read, analyze and calculate are the three fundamental skills that are vital for living and working.
The level of mathematics one may study depends upon the type of work or profession one may choose in life and on one‟s aptitude and interest.

Elective mathematics deals with reasoning by analogies, making judgments through discrimination of values, analysis of data, and communication of one‟s thoughts through symbolic expression and graphs.
Elective Mathematics at the Senior High School level builds on the Core Mathematics of Senior High School. It is a requirement as a foundation for those  who would wish to embark on professional studies in engineering,  scientific research, and a number of studies in tertiary and other institutions of higher learning.

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6. ICT Elective

This syllabus is designed to provide advanced skills in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
for Senior High School (SHS) students.
It is expected that the knowledge and skills gained in this course will prepare students to pursue ICT courses in years ahead and provide them with the basic skills needed for the ICT job market.
The syllabus covers selected topics in ICT which offer hands-on activities to help students acquire the
required ICT skills.

Programmes of Study in the Universities

1. Business Administration

2. Public administration

3. Economics

4. Marketing

5. Supply chain Management

6. Human Resource Management

7. Accounting & Financial management

8. Programmes of Study in the Colleges of Education

9. Accounting

10. Management

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