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Covid-19: Self-discipline will keep schools open – Prez to Students

keep schools open

Your self-discipline will keep schools open President Nana Addo has told students who are returning to school.

President Nana Addo called on all students who have returned to school since Friday 15th and those reporting today to be disciplined and put the best attitudes.

According to him,  as learners go back to school, their attitude,  behaviour and self-discipline will decide whether schools will remain open.


In his 22nd address to the nation, he made a passionate appeal to all students to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols.

He reminded students of the struggle of parents, especially working parents, went through with you at home due to school closures.

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I enumerated the struggles and challenges that came with the lockdown and close down of schools and the many difficulties students had to go through to access learning online to advise students to obey school rules and COVID-19 protocols.

The frustrations, the idleness, the absence of classroom or study group intimacy – it has all been extremely difficult for you, your parents, teachers and everybody involved. I am pleading with you. Please observe the COVID-19 protocols at all times.

The President called on all students to maintain the level of discipline and sense of responsibility so that the virus can stop spreading in schools.

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He further instructed students to wear their masks at all times, wash and sanitize hands regularly.

President Nana Addo tasked students to ensure they do the right thing so that he is not compelled to close down schools.

It has been 10th months since schools were closed for may learners who are returning to school today. Lost learning, lost friends and the joy of going back to school again may be a feeling and excitement difficult to explain for many learners and teachers.




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