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10 most Developed African countries in the continent

A country is said to be developed if the country has a mature and stable economy, functional government, good infrastructures,equip health facilities and high degree of personal freedom.

Countries that possessed above requirements are categorised as less developing countries

Here are the list of most developed countries in Africa



Mauritius is Africa’s most developed country. It boasts of life expectancy of 75 years and literacy rate 91.3 and it is known for it stable economy and free healthcare and school.

Mauritius became an independent country in the year 1968 from the Great Britain.

The economy of Mauritius have improved well. The country economy depends on tourism, textile.


Seychelles is the second most developed country in Africa.It is made up 115 island kilometres east of coast of Eastern Africa. It economy is based on tourism, fishing and agribusiness.



Algeria is the largest country in Africa. It is the most developed nation in North Africa.

The export of natural gas contribute to their economic development.



The country were civilization started is the forth most developed country in Africa.Over 2 million of its citizens work overseas.

It economy is based on petroleum import, natural gas and tourism.And it is the most advanced country when it comes to technology.



Tunisia is the fifth most developed country in Africa



Libya is the sixth most developed country in Africa.

Libya major source of income is oil and natural gas


7.South Africa

One of the largest economy in Africa. The country economy is based on industrial, agricultural service.

World Bank made it known that South Africa is one of the with human development.


Gabon is one of the the wealthiest countries in Africa. The nation is endowed with private foreign investment and petroleum resources.


9.Botswana is among the develop countries in Africa. It is a country boast with the largest diamond mine in the world.

Botswana boast one of the highest per capita growth.



Morroco is ranked tenth most developed country in Africa. It is the fifth largest economy in Africa.


Morroco resources comes from mining, manufacturing, textile and other industries

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