10 Most Preferred African Destinations For Tourism

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As the second-largest continent on the planet, Africa has a ton to offer international travelers. From saharas to aesthetic views and so on. That is why we have listed the 10 most preferred African destinations for tourism in this article. This is to help you decide on your favorite location in case you plan on visiting Africa.

10 Most Preferred African Destinations For Tourism

1. Morocco

The most visited country in Africa is Morocco. This Northern African nation saw a whopping 12.3 million visitors in 2019, making it the most visited country on the entire continent.

The culture of Morocco is certain to be a big master card, considering there is nowhere in the world quite like it. The sights, sounds and colors of the medina is enough to leave you mesmerized.

Some of the highlights of Morocco include Marrakesh, one of the most chaotic and charismatic cities in the world. Fes, a historic city with so much culture. If you’re taking a tour of the country, consider stopping by Essaouira as well. This beautiful beach town has an European vibe to it, with all the rugged charm of Northern Africa.

2. Egypt

In 2019 there were an outstanding 11.3 million visitors to Egypt, making this the second most visited country in Africa. The main draw cards in Egypt are the Egyptian pyramids, the pharaoh’s tombs and the Luxor temple  which dates back thousands of years.

3. South Africa

South Africa comes in third on the list, but it is the front sprinter for safari-participants. South Africa stays the most popular choice for a safari, where you can spot the big five and spend some time out in the wilderness.

4. Tunisia

Tunisia, having 8.3 million visitors making visiting the Northern African country in 2019. Tunisia is famous for its ancient cities, the Saharan desert and its hot desert temperatures. It is slightly less under the radar and a more affordable option simply a short flight from many of Europe’s major cities.

5. Zimbabwe

There are many reasons to visit Zimbabwe, but most of them start with safari and end with the Victoria Falls. This landlocked country in Southern Africa is still one of the most popular choices for safari attendees in search of the big five. As one of the world’s largest waterfalls, Victoria waterfalls extend some 1,708 meters in length.

6. Côte d’Ivoire

With beach resorts and rainforests Côte d’Ivoire (also known as the Ivory Coast) is a popular option, especially for European travelers. With a French-colonial inheritance, the country has long been a favorite for travelers in search of the sea, sun, and beautiful temperatures found in West Africa.

7. Uganda

Uganda has quickly become the top choice for mountain gorilla viewing. But it is here in Uganda where you can have the same experience for much less, given the less-developed nature of the country. It is safe to visit Uganda and visitors will be delighted by how much raw beauty lies within the country borders.

8. Kenya

Over in East Africa, this is where one of the most famous films on the continent, Out of Africa, was filmed. The Maasai Mara has become one of the most popular choices for safari-participants.

9. Mauritius

If you’re looking for a more tropical getaway when visiting Africa or perhaps a destination to tag on to your safari, look no further than Mauritius. Here you will find beautiful beaches, mountainous journeys and world class diving.

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10. eSwatini

Landlocked in the center of South Africa, eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) is a place to head towards if you look out for a safari for a fraction of the cost.

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