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Alan describes NPP as violent, withdraws from Presidential primaries

Alan describes NPP as violent, withdraws from 2024 Presidential Primeries
Alan John Kyeremateng, one of the NPP’s 2024 Presidential Candidate hopefuls has withdrawn from the race and described the ruling New Patriotic as a party that has become violent.
In a press release sighted by, he indicated “I wish to confirm that I am honorably withdrawing from the process that will lead to the presidential primaries to be held on the 4th of November 2023.”
Alan John Kyeremateng placed third in the NPP super delegates’ election and was expected to contest in the main primaries scheduled for November 4th, 2023.
His withdrawal means only four candidates will go through the 6th September balloting and final round of voting.

Alan Kyerematen withdrew from the 2024 NPP Presidential Candidate Race, based on the following.

  • He believes that the special delegates conference was strategically and tactically skewed in favour of one particular aspirant.
  • He cites the pronouncement made by some leading members of the party both before and after the elections as evidence of this.
  • He also notes that the level of intimidation of delegates was unprecedented in the history of the party.
  • In addition, his pulling agent in the Northeast region suffered severe damage to his eyesight as a result of his efforts to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations for the conduct of the elections.
  • Kyerematen is committed to the safety of those who work with him and for him, and he will always fight for their interests.
  • He is concerned about the path the party is on and is not convinced that the circumstances he has referred to will not persist or even be escalated in the next round of elections.
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In light of all of these factors, Kyerematen has decided to withdraw from the race. He will provide an indication of the role he will play in politics in Ghana in the coming weeks, after consultations with his family and other well-wishers.

It is important to note that these are just Kyerematen’s own reasons for withdrawing from the race.

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