11 Memorable Quotes Of Kennedy Agyapong

11 Memorable Quotes Of Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong is the current member of Parliament for Assin Central Constituency. He is also a flagbearer aspirant of the New Patriotic Party. Throughout his journey as a politician, father and a businessman, he has inspired many with quotes. Let’s take a look at 11 Memorable Quotes of Kennedy Agyapong

1. “A lot of people in Ghana are afraid to speak the truth because they are afraid they will be called arrogant. When you speak the truth, they say you are arrogant, they say you are insulting”

2. “I always reciprocate actions and before I come out, you would have done it for several times that I did not even say anything and one day, when I come out, because it is me, then the public begin to have problems with my response and I think that is unfair”

11 Memorable Quotes Of Kennedy Agyapong

3. “If we really want to develop this country, we should all have confidence, [be] bold, [be] honest, [be] sincere, [be] disciplined and change this country. But a situation where you have responded to somebody’s allegations and insults and they ignore what was said against you and reprimand you for what you have said, I think is wrong”

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4. “I call myself the people’s man. When you talk about business, and you mention Donald Trump, I agree. But if you tell me, in politics, I’m like Donald Trump, I disagree. I have been in politics for about 32 years. Donald Trump was a typical businessman, and he went into politics to make a change. Some of his policies were too harsh to ordinary citizens, but when it comes to Ken Agyapong, I think about the ordinary people first and not the higher class”

5. “When people don’t know your background and they think that you are a drug dealer, it is so painful”

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6. “I always said to myself that I am going to be a millionaire by age 40. I didn’t know how I was going to make it but I was working,”

7. “I will give my children the best in life. I will give them what I lacked growing up as a child but it does not mean I should allow any of my children to go wayward. Anyone who goes wayward will be sacked and will not get anything from me”

8. “I believe in working hard for money and everything but I don’t cherish it. So long as I am able to give satisfaction to a Ghanaian, I am satisfied”

9. “If you read [about] the French Revolution and the causes of the French Revolution, you will see that if you make the money at the expense of the ordinary people for so long and they are not happy, a day will come that they will revolt against you. They will kill you, your children, and everybody. So, where is the money then”

10. “Anybody who stands for the truth, some will perceive you to be very harsh, some will say you are cool or quiet. So it depends on the person that you are dealing with.”

11. “And of course, anybody that you criticize will definitely see you as a harsh person and anybody that the criticism goes in favour of will also say you are a nice person”

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