10 Memorable Quotes Of Atta Mills

10 Memorable Quotes Of Atta Mills

John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills was a Ghanaian politician and legal scholar who served as President of Ghana from 2009 until his death in 2012. Throughout his political career, John Atta Mills did make some quotes to inspire the public. Let’s take a look at some memorable quotes of John Evans Atta Mills.

10 Memorable Quotes Of Atta Mills

1. “My doors are always open, we’ll make sure to provide the resources and make the necessary contacts. “As a Government, we’ll give you the fullest support”

2. “I can see that there i Some progress, and I also know that you want to do a thorough job but you must also understand that the patience of commuters has a limit and so all must be done to ease the pain of persons who ply this route”

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3. “As we approach the December Presidential and Parliamentary elections, it is my prayer and hope that we shall continue to preserve and maintain the peace, remain united and focused as people with one destiny. We can hardly achieve meaningful development if the citizenry on whose behalf we are managing the country does not support and cooperate with us.”

4. “I will not condone actions that will pitch one citizen against the other as a way of settling political scores. That is unacceptable and will not be the Ghanaian way of doing things. The Ghanaian way should be that, under the Rule of Law, and with the benchmark of due process, any violations of the laws of Ghana will be addressed in the manner that is fair, balanced, and right in the sight of God”

5. “I have always said that I will be President for all Ghanaians whether they voted for me or not and without consideration for which part of the country they come from. It will be my duty as President to heal wounds and unite our dear nation. I intend to pursue relentlessly all avenues for entrenching peace and unity in all parts of the country as I am enjoined by the constitution to do”

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6. “As a people, our greatest achievements have come when we have lived up to the ideals that unite rather than divide us and have attached ourselves to a common-sense purpose. Let this day not just see us enjoying just the holiday part of it; let us find time to reflect on the way forward as we strive to build a Better Ghana. We must reflect on the legacies that our forebears bequeathed to us; consider what we have added to that legacy, and commit ourselves to leave a solid legacy for the generations after us”

7. “As a nation, we have no other option but to “sustain the peace” we are enjoying in order to broaden the frontiers of our democracy and development. At no point in time should we take the peace we are enjoying for granted? Our fallen heroes and Founding Fathers toiled to give us this dear nation and we dare not destroy what they have toiled to build. Standing here every 6th March as President since 2009, and watching our youth partake actively in this celebration, there is no doubt in my mind that they are filled with dreams; big dreams of taking over from us, and becoming responsible adults…We must not destroy their dreams”

8. “55 years in the life of any nation is no mean achievement and we must be grateful to God for His Mercies and Grace”

9. “Today is a time to celebrate the very essence of our Ghanaian heritage and the things that have not only defined us as a people, but also inspired countless numbers across the world”

10. “Certainly, we have not reached our final destination as regards our march towards growth and development but we have made some significant gains and cannot afford to destroy what we have toiled to build”

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