20 Possible ICT Questions On MS Word That Can Drop (PART 1)

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20 Possible ICT Questions On MS Word That Can Drop. One of the important topics in ICT is word processing. Because of its importance, WAEC often test candidates on this topic. Meaning, word processing as a topic is very examinable. With this knowledge, the author has gathered some review questions on this topic for candidates to quicken their revision.

Candidates must also take note that this is not an “apor”. All questions that are unfamiliar to the candidate must be revised again.

Questions On MS Word

  1. What is word processing?
  2. What are the options that can be found under the Office button
  3. Define a ribbon
  4. How many tabs are found on the ribbon. Name the tabs and state their functions
  5. State the functions of the following

    – Status bar – Zoom slide – Scroll bar – Quick launch bar -Title bar – Quick access toolbar -Zoom – Print preview – Insert -Delete -Cut and paste -Tables -Find and replace – Menu bar -Standard toolbar – Formatting toolbar -Help -Task pane -Status bar

   6. Define word wrap

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   7. Mention 7 buttons that can be found on the standard toolbar and its function

   8. Mention 15 buttons or features on the formatting toolbar and its respective functions

   9. Mention 15 buttons or features that can be found on the drawing toolbar and its functions

   10. State the difference between the save command and save as command

    11. What makes up the content of a document

    12. State the steps involved in typing a text in a word document

    13. State the steps in saving a document using the save as command

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    14. In saving a document, mention some characters which cannot be used as a file name

     15. State the steps involved in saving an already existing document


     16. Outline the steps you will use to save a document in a Portable Document File

     17. Define the term creating in word processing

     18. List two examples of word-processing software

     19. State the difference between backspace and delete key

    20. What is editing in word processing document

    21. List five editing tools used to edit a document

    22. Difference between undo and redo

    23. List the two places where the Save command is found

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