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2021 Junior Speller Registration Opened for Basic 1 to 9 -Apply Now

2021 Junior Speller Registration Opened for Basic 1 to 9 -Apply Now

Born Heroes Foundation has commenced the 2021 Junior Speller Registration nationwide. The 2021 spelling competition marks the third event since the competition commenced in 2019. The organizers of the annual spelling competition deem it fit to make some lasting changes which will serve as a blueprint to guide this year’s contest.

It is in this sense that the following will be a guide to help serve a speller ‘‘Junior Speller’’ in this competition.

2021 Junior Speller Registration and Categorized 

The spelling competition is divided into two broad categories:

The Minor Division: This will be done for pupils in basic school one (1) to four (4).
The Prime Division: This will have students in basic five (5) to basic nine (9).

The speller is not just asked to learn any word he may find. He/she is given a list of words according to the division. Since the programme is structured to help the student learn, we teach them how to use the dictionary to find the meaning of words, their origin, their part of speech, and how they could be used in a sentence.

Because it is spelling at each level, we give the child the opportunity to spell.


Teachers, parents and schools are advised to encourage their learners to join the 2021 edition of the Junior Speller competition.

It is not all about winning but the exposure, learning and the fun that comes with healthy competitions like this.

Because of the Covid-19, our programmes are strictly by invitation in order to adhere to the protocols. Do not deny your ward the opportunity to learn.

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How to register for the 2021 Junior Speller competition

Before you can register completely, you need to pay a registration fee of GH50.00 via MTN Momo or VF-Cash.
Momo Number: 0548119184
VF-Cash Number: 0500 862226

Name: Victor Osei Nkansah (On both numbers)

Use the name of the applicant (Speller) as the reference for Momo or VF-Cash. Use it at the reference name section and submit an application. Use the password you receive to open the “Speller” page.

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If you have any challenge, do not hesitate the organizers through

  • +233 (0)548 119184
  • +233 (0)500 862226
  • +233 (0)246 040422

To fill the registration form go here >>> REGISTER

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