2022-2025 WASSCE Social Studies Trial Exams Questions

Ghana's 2022 WASSCE starts with Social Studies on Monday 2022-2025 WASSCE Social Studies Trial Exams Questions 2022 WASSCE scheduled for August/Sept WAEC Arrested WASSCE 2021 Exam leaking Syndicates
The 2022-2025 WASSCE Social Studies Trial Exams Questions we have uploaded here are for learning purposes and are not in any way the examination questions WAEC intends to administer to candidates.
Social Studies remains one of the core subjects at the WASSCE which students can pass with ease if they have the right preparation, support, and attitude.
Using these same questions for group discussions can also help students learn from each other and also get better clarification on each question and topic.
Teachers can also use the questions to assess their students.   Now let us look at the WASSCE Social Studies Trial Exams Questions which students can use to test their readiness.

Set 1 of 2022-2025 WASSCE Social Studies Trial Exams Questions

a) Define the following
1.   Self
iv.   Self-confidence
b) Discuss four factors which can inhibit the development of an individual’s capability
2.a) Describe the Maslow theory of need.
b) Highlight four ways in which Maslow theory of need is relevant to the Ghanaian society-
3.   a) Explain the term adolescent chastity
b) As an adolescent, justify five irresponsible behaviors you must avoid.
4.   a) Explain the term reproductive right.
b) Justify five reasons why adolescents need to know about their reproductive features.
5.   a) Explain the following
 i. Conflict
 il. Peace building
 Wii. Conflict resolution
b) Discuss any five causes of conflict in the Ghanaian society.
6.   a) Mention any five effects of conflict.
b) Discuss five condition or processes for peace building in Ghana.
7.   a) State four characteristics of a youth.
b) in what five ways can indiscipline among the youth can be checked.
8,a) In what five ways can the youth in Ghana contribute to national developments?
b) Highlight five reasons for the need to save money.
9. a) Examine five roles of science and technology in the development of your country.
b) Outline five ways of promoting science and technology in Ghana.
10   a) Define the following
 ii Science
b) In what four ways can technology help in the development of agriculture in Ghana.
11.   a) Explain the following
 Human resources
 Natural resources
 Capital resources
b) Explain four measures that are adopted to develop human resource.

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