2022 BECE SOCIAL STUDIES Morning revision: Can You Solve These Questions?

2023 BECE Social Studies Areas 30 Tough Social Studies Questions for BECE 2022-2025 Candidates 2022 BECE SOCIAL STUDIES Morning revision: Can You Solve These Questions?2022 BECE Social Studies Section B & Marking Scheme (Final Mock) Challenging BECE Social Studies Questions Fully Solved

2022 BECE SOCIAL STUDIES Morning revision: Can You Solve These Questions? Test your readiness by refreshing your memory with these questions.

  1. Explain any four ways in which the harmattan is useful.
  2.  Give four disadvantages of the harmattan.
  3. Explain four good effects that the coming of the Europeans had on West Africa.
  4.  Give five Duties of a citizen of Ghana.
  5. Give five Rights of a citizen of Ghana.
  6.  Explain how the types of rainfall are formed. Support each with a diagram.
  7. Name any five festivals in Ghana and name the people who celebrate each of them and the month in which they are celebrated. 
  8. Give five importance of most festivals in Ghana.
  9.  Give four roles played by traditional heads in Ghana
  10. Explain two types of mining methods
  11. Give four reasons why illegal mining must be regulated.
  12. What is the full meaning of the following ECOWAS, OAU, FAO, UNICEF
  13. Explain three major problems facing ECOWAS
  14. What is a scale of a Map?
  15. Describe the three types of scales used in the mapping. Support each with a diagram or an example.


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2022 BECE SOCIAL STUDIES Morning revision

  1. Differentiate between Revolution and Rotation of the earth.
  2. Give three effects of the Revolution of the earth.
  3. Give five functions of parliament
  4. Explain the procedure through which laws are made in parliament.
  5. Give five Elements of the weather and the instrument used to measure them
  6. Give five ways in which rainfall is important to man.
  7. What is air pollution?
  8. Give four air pollutants
  9. Give four negative effects of air pollution
  10. Suggest four ways by which air pollution can be minimized


Go into the examination without fear. We have done our best to revise with you by setting questions and providing answers in some instances for the Social Studies Paper. Give out your very best in the examination and make the best grade your effort deserves.


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