Reasons why 2022 Free SHS placement for BECE Graduates with Aggregate 26-48 is possible

2020 Free SHS placement - 2020 SCHOOL PLACEMENT

2022 Free SHS placement for by the GES is all BECE graduates are waiting for to know their fate with regards to the Free SHS 2022 school placement.

It is possible that all BECE candidates who will write the BECE in November 2021 will gain admission to SHS even with aggregates ranging from 26 to 48. But this in itself can be tricky and students who make very good grades make it easy for themselves to be placed. 

School placements since the Free SHS was introduced in 2017 has seen students with aggregate of 26-48 being placed in schools. Students who will sit for BECE in November 2021 will be admitted into the Free SHS in 2022 with the same criteria likely being used,.

There are clear undisputed reasons why 2022 BECE graduates preparing to write the 2021 BECE will be placed in schools for their secondary education even with an aggregate of 48 in some instances.

The reality is that parents and students who obtain grades ranging from aggregate 26-48 may feel they have failed and that, they will not be placed when the school placements are out in 2022 but that is not entirely the case.

We want to put on record that, these grades are not bad per the new student placement system which is based on raw scores thus the total marks a student obtained in six best subjects (four (4) Core subjects plus any other two subjects. However, such grades may decrease your chances of getting placed in one of your preferred schools. 

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Reasons why 2022 BECE graduates with Aggregate 26-48 will enjoy Free SHS placement

The following reasons explain why every student will go through the 2022 SHS placements successfully. 

1. The current school placement system which uses raw scores is not discriminatory. The government of Ghana holds the view that every BECE graduate has the right to Free SHS. To ensure that equal opportunity is offered to Ghanaian children to receive their education at the Senior High School Level, the government introduced the double-track system which means more students have the chance of attaining secondary education at the expense of the government. The passing grade which used to be aggregate 25 was scrapped to pave way for more candidates including those who obtained between aggregate 26-48 to gain admission to Free SHS.

2.  2022 BECE graduates with Aggregate 26-48 will enjoy Free SHS placement because the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) permits students who do not get placed in a school of choice automatically to do what is called self-placement. With this option, a student who obtained a grade up to 48 but was not placed in any of the schools he or she chose can manually do the self-placement and be placed in a secondary school right at the comfort of their homes or internet cafes. This means the 2022 BECE Students with Aggregate 26-48  has a second chance to be placed during the 2022 Free SHS placements.

3. If for some reason the BECE graduates who are automatically placed or the one who did the self-placement for Free SHS has issues, he or she can go to the regional centres of the Free SHS Secretariate for the issue to be resolved.  2022 BECE graduates with Aggregate 26-48 who may still have issues can end up being placed in a school the regional centres set to review their issues. The centres are as follows.

4. BECE graduates for 2022 would be many just like previous years but there are more schools, programmes and accommodation (day and boarding) for students for the 2022  Free SHS placements to be released by GES in 2022. Often students want to be in boarding school hence they refuse postings to day schools.

If a student is placed in a school and the accommodation type is day, there is nothing wrong with it if the school in which he or she is placed is within 10km from his or her residence. There have been instances where students have been placed in day schools in other regions and parents have had to incur extra cost to hire hostels for young learners which does not help the learners. 

4. Finally, the Ghana Education Service has announced on countless occasions that, there will not be any cut-off point for entry into SHS in the past and the 2021 batch will not be different. This means that all candidates have an equal opportunity to be placed in one school or the other when the Ghana Education Service completes the placement processes in 2022.

Students are encouraged and assured to put away the fear of not getting placed and work hard now, make better grades in the exam.

The days of the cut of the point are over. Until GES decides otherwise. No student will be left behind unless some other issues crop up. 

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The above information is not to encourage students to be lazy. We challenge all students to study hard as they prepare for the 2021 BECE and make good grades for the 2022 School placements.


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