7 thoughts on “2023 SHS Placement: Likely school placements for all aggregates

  1. Dear Sir/Madam, My 16years old son is a person with disability(Paraplegia).The headmaster said his medical report will be needed after the SHS school placement has been done. I just found out that the medical report should have been added to thee forms submitted. Kindly advice me on what to do. Thank you

    1. The medical report can only be made available after placement however during the BECE registration there is an option for the school to Thick if the candidate has any medical condition which we are sure the school did for you. So take it easy.

  2. I am a very good student but I don’t even know how come I had aggregate 11 I am a student of feeding the sheep international jhs with index number 8 please kindly grant me my first choice and good will see you through on everything you do please I have a great vision for my first choice school please!

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