2023 WASSCE Integrated Science Special Likely Exam Questions

2023 WASSCE Integrated Science BECE Integrated Science Qs & As for Serious Candidates BECE 2021 Integrated Science

2023 WASSCE Integrated Science Special Likely Exam Questions. This is for all school candidates to test their readiness and understanding of the topics assessed through these questions.

Students who cannot confidently answer these questions should revise the topics related to the specific set of questions.


2023 WASSCE Integrated Science Special Likely Exam Questions

1a) Explain why:

i) wood is used as a handle for some cooking utensils;

ii ) gaps are left in railway tracks.


b) Classify the following groups of crops as vegetables, cereals, grain legumes, and root tubers:

i) Cassava and sweet potatoes;

ii) Cowpea and groundnut;

iii) Maize and millet;

iv) Pepper and tomatoes.


c) i) What is immunity?


ii) State three ways by which humans acquire immunity.


d) List two examples of processing devices of a computer.


e) A piece of zinc metal was placed in a beaker containing dilute hydrochloric acid.


i) Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction.


ii) If 5.0 g of zinc was placed in the acid, how many moles of hydrochloric acid would be required to react with the zinc? [Zn= 65.4, H = 1, Cl= 35.5 ]



2023 WASSCE Integrated Science Special Likely Exam Questions

2 a) i) Explain the term parturition as applied to animal production.


ii) State three signs showed by an animal when parturition is about to occur.


b) i) What is plant tissue culture?


ii) State three advantages of propagating a plant by tissue culture.


cc) The atomic number of atom X is 17 and its mass number is 35.


i) Indicate the number of protons, electrons, and neutrons in the atom


ii) Draw the electron configuration of the atom showing the positions of the protons and the arrangement of the electrons in the various shells.


d) i) What is the center of gravity of a body?


ii) Explain why it is more suitable to locate the load compartment of a bus under the passenger seats


3 . a) Describe how pollination takes place in an insect-pollinated flower.


4. a) i) Explain the following statement: Though glucose is the substance formed during photosynthesis in leaves, it is starch that is tested to show that photosynthesis has taken place.


b) State three uses of computers in medicine and health care delivery.


c) Consider the following organic compounds


C3H 6; C3H5OH; CH3COOH and CH3COOCH3 Select one compound which will

i) undergo polymerization,

ii) give a pleasant smell,

iii) liberate carbon dioxide with sodium hydrogen trioxocarbonate (IV)

iv) decolorize bromine water.


d) Draw and label a ray diagram to show how the image of a point object is seen in a plane mirror.


e) State three measures for reducing the incidence of diseases in a fish pond.


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2023 WASSCE Integrated Science Special Likely Exam Questions

5. a) i) What is a computer hard disc?


ii) State two advantages of hard disc


b) State four benefits of nuclear energy to humans.


c) i) What is weathering of rocks?


ii) State two effects of temperature on weathering of rocks.


d) Describe an improvement practice that could be adopted for vegetable crop production in the following soil conditions:

i) acidic soil ;

ii) saline soil.


e) i) List two kingdoms used in the classification of living things.


ii ) State two reasons for the classification of living things


6. a) A simple electrical circuit consists of 3V battery connected to a bulb of resistance 20 Ω

i) Draw the circuit diagram of the arrangement.

ii) Calculate the current that flows when the bulb is in use.


ii) Calculate the current that flows when the bulb is in use.



b) i) What is a deep litter system as


ii) State three measures to be adopted to maintain a good litter house.


c) i) Explain the term human population.


ii) State three factors that affect the distribution of the human population.


d) Explain briefly how each of the following processes occurs:

i) melting of a solid;

ii) condensation of gas


We hope the questions in this 2023 WASSCE Integrated Science Special Likely Exam Questions help you revise adequaltely.

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