4 key new policies announced by Mahama that are shaking the NPP to the core

4 key new policies announced by Mahama that are shaking the NPP to the core Mahama Promises To Cancel Teacher Licensure Exams If Elected

The ruling NPP government and its followers have been woken up from their sleep by four new policies announced by Mahama.

The policies were disclosed during his tour of the nation as part of preparatory efforts to launch the NDC’s 2024 election campaign nationwide.

The ruling NPP which is seeking to win a third presidential election on the role for the first time in the history of Ghana politics believes the policies are not feasible and have taken to the media to punch holes into the ideals and policies made public.

The top four policies announced so far by the H.E John Dramani Mahama are:

  1. Establish a Cashew Marketing Board to support and regulate the cashew industry with guaranteed prices for farmers.
  2. Abolish the obnoxious Teachers’ Licensure Exams.
  3. Revive the dying local poultry industry by regulating poultry imports and providing incentives to local poultry farmers.
  4. Implement a 24-hour economy with 3-shifts in a secured and safe environment by providing participating companies with security patrols, tax incentives, and cheaper power for night shifts through Time of Use (TOU) tariffs.

While the NPP seeks to heighten their attack on these policies, supporters of the NDC have bought into the policies and believe that they will help improve the Ghanaian economy and provide jobs for the masses of youth who are unemployed.

The ruling NPP has, however, yet to put forth new ideas and policies to counter those espoused by the NDC. The spirit and understanding of political policies and strategies lie with the originators.

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In a related development, polls by respectable local and international organisations have predicted the John Mahama-led NDC will win the 2024 general elections. Mahama has called on Ghanaians to support his vision and to help ensure that they save the nation from the poor management of it by the ruling NPP.


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