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55% Ghanaian children want to leave for greener pastures abroad by 2040– Survey

55% Ghanaian children want to leave for greener pastures

A survey conducted by Child Rights International with 11,288 respondents who were all children has revealed that 93% of respondents are proud to be Ghanaians. However, 55% of the children prefer to leave the country by 2040 for better opportunities.

“55% of the respondents say they wish to migrate to another country, while 11% would either stay in the country or leave”

In 2040, the respondents would be in their prime years between 31 and 36 years. The 55% who prefer to travel out of the country does not paint a good picture as these children at their younger ages today can tell that the country is faced with challenges that do not create the enabling environment and opportunities they need in about 20 years.

The 12-17 years who were interviewed disclosed what they would have done differently if they were in leadership.

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The survey found out that the top three things the children will do given the chance to lead were to create jobs; thus 71% of respondents. Another 41% said they would fight corruption if they get the opportunity to lead. Some 37% of the respondents would channel their leadership efforts towards improving education standards in the country.

55% Ghanaian children want to leave for greener pastures

Many of the respondents cited greener pastures, education, and a better standard of living in others countries as the motivating factors should they get the chance according to the survey.

However, “Nearly 80% of the respondents say they are optimistic about Ghana in the next 20 years but nearly two in ten respondents (22%) see the country’s future as bleak”.


On Education and opportunities, the survey said: “Over half of the children (53%) say they are optimistic. 47% of the respondents paint a bleak picture as to how the country’s current educational system would help them find jobs in the next 20 years”.

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On religion, the research noted, “81% of the children say religion is important. 73% of the children say religion is personal as opposed to the religious affiliation of their family (parents or guardians) or culture.”

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