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Check SSNIT contributions online: Simplified steps

Check SSNIT contributions online

Do you know you can Check SSNIT contributions online now? Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) has put in place systems to enable contributors to the scheme to check their contribution reports online.

Whiles the procedure is simple, many workers in public and private organizations do not know how the process works.

Checking your SSNIT contributions online ensures that you do not have to live important office tasks unattended just to visit SSNIT. Right at the comfort of your office, in a Trotro, or at home, or anywhere.,  you can get a contribution report update.

The procedure for registering to check your SSNIT contributions online

To check your contribution report online, request a portal ID from SSNIT to enable you to check your contributions. To get this, you can send an email to SSNIT, provide them with your correct SSNIT number, full name, registered mobile number, and your valid email address.

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How to check your SSNIT contributions or Statement of Account

To be able to access your contributions/ Statement of Account online, you must use the following steps.

1. Visit the website Social Security and National Insurance Trust

2. Click on MY STATEMENT

3. Enter your login details (Social Security Number and Password)

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The password which you will use to log in is provided to you after you have sent the email to SSNIT request for it and they have responded to the email with the details.

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The email reply to your request from SSNIT will give you the instructions to follow as well. Alternatively, you can visit their office for assistance or call for more information or assistance on 0302-611622. Good luck as you go through the procedure to access your records.



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