14 thoughts on “70% of 2021 BECE students want their scripts remarked – Report

  1. WAEC should be fair to us.
    I believe myself and I know what what I wrote was correct so why this result ??
    I call for remark
    I am Quainoo Ernest Mcheavens a graduate from Anomawobi D/A J.H.S.

  2. WAEC please I am Richard Segbedzi from Kumasi . I attend Wesco demonstration D and I want my script remark . please

  3. I strongly believe there was a mistake somewhere, Waec please remark our papers, l checked three times and l got different results.. please Waec I’m Doku Emmanuella.. please go through our papers

  4. Please i would like it if WAEC went through my papers especially Science ICT and RME
    Curtis Mpere Otibu

  5. Please we beg you in the name of God, kindly go through our scripts for us. We know you have done a lot and are still trying your best but please kindly go through our results. Azure Joseph Awingura go through my scripts for me pls

  6. Waec pls i want my scripts to be remark because i am not satisfied with my results@i want to reduce my grade 25 to grade 16@i am graduate of nyong j.h.s

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