9 Memorable Quotes Of Asiedu Nketia

9 Memorable Quotes Of Asiedu Nketia

Johnson Asiedu Nketia is the Chairman of the National Democratic Congress(NDC). Asiedu Nketia is popularly known for his numerous quotes and words of inspiration. Let’s take a look at 9 Memorable quotes of Asiedu Nketia.

1. “I believe the delegates have the best wisdom and they have told us what they want. It is our duty to work with the blueprint”

2. “The credit I’ve made so far is shared and attributed to the foot soldiers of this country and this party”

3. “I eat in bits as a caution. I believe that the food God provided for us if you overeat it you die early so you have to eat it in bits to live longer.”

4. “We don’t take the confidence for granted, we need to work to unite the party”

9 Memorable Quotes Of Asiedu Nketia

5. “From P1 to Form 4, I was always almost the first two or three in class. You saw people far far less brilliant continuing. I still felt my future was in education”

6. “I fear to create a bad record for my children. I don’t want to leave a bad record which my children will not be proud of”

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7. “I want to leave this world better than I found it”. Underline the word ‘better’. It is a politically charged word in Ghana politics. And in that single sentence, Asiedu Nketia unconsciously suggests, the NDC will be in power until death sends him over to the non-political side life of life – eternity”

8. “You can go farthest in life, if you dig deeper into yourself, nestled in serving your community as a stone is nestled in the elastic patch of a catapult until destiny finds the best moment to unleash you into the spotlight of success.”

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9. “All of a sudden these pastors have now found their voices and now contributing to any single issue in the country. I thank God because it tells you that democracy is striving in the country and I am happy for that”

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