9 Memorable Quotes Of Alan Kyeremanten

9 Memorable Quotes Of Alan Kyeremanten

Here are 9 memorable quotes of Alan Kyeremanten, Presidential Aspirant Hoepful for the 2024 General Elections.

1. “We as a people should appreciate the need for discipline in all spheres of our national lives and change our attitude to work. Whether you are working for the Private sector or for Government, as a worker, you are not doing a favour to your employer.It is your duty to ensure that you earn your living from the efforts of your labour”

2. “To avoid going back to the IMF, we need a new Plan. A Plan that will lead us to a more self-reliant and resilient economy. That Plan must move Ghana from Stability and Growth to Transformation”

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3. “Corruption and petty theft or thievery, particularly from the public purse,deny our country the benefit of utilizing its tax revenue and other resources for the development of our country”

9 Memorable Quotes Of Alan Kyeremanten

4. “The arrogance of power has been a major obstruction to progress in our country. People in positions of authority must understand that leadership is an opportunity to serve the people, and not to lord over them. In servant leadership, humility is an asset and not a weakness.”

5. “As a country we must celebrate competence and excellence and not mediocrity.”

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6. “We need to remember that the use of time is a zero-sum game. What Ghana needs now are solutions and actions not debates”

7. “We pride ourselves as being the bastion of democracy in Africa, but that does not mean that we should allow partisan politics to destroy our collective interests.”

8. “The success of the economy will depend primarily on strong macroeconomic fundamentals, which will include among other things, a stable currency, low inflation, sustainable debt levels, revenue optimization and tight expenditure control to guarantee fiscal balance, low competitive interest rates, strong external reserves backed by high levels of liquidity to support the financial sector.”

9. “Digitalization must be mainstreamed in all Government and Public sector activities, building on the current work led by the Ministry of Communication and Digitalization.”

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