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Achimota SHS admits Tyrone Marhguy, he takes end of semester exams

Achimota SHS Rasta Student's father accuses son of physical abuse Achimota School Rastafarian student, Tyrone Marhguy admitted

The father of Tyrone Marhguy one of the Rastafarian students, placed in Achimota through the School placement but denied admission, reported to school on 4th June 2021 with his son.

Achimota SHS admitted Tyrone Marhguy today. The student joined his colleagues right after the admission to take the end-of-semester examination as a science student. 

Achimota SHS admits Tyrone Marhguy

Tyrone Marhguy is the second Rastafarian student admitted into Achimota SHS in the last 48 hours.

Earlier on Thursday, Tereo Marghuy, the father of the student in an interview with Radio Univers on monitored by indicated they were likely to report to school on 4th June.

He indicated during the interview that the return of his son to school was delayed because they wanted to secure a copy of the court ruling and psych him up due to what they had to endure since he was denied admission until the court’s verdict.

Tereo Marghuy added that the court ruling was a good thing. “It is really a good thing, I hope they (Achimota school) withdraw so that the kids can have their education.”  Where are we drugging this up to? He quizzed.

He added that what was going on was not good for the two students who are minors. “What is going on makes us look tribalistic and prejudice and things have to be straightened.”

In his view, it would be good if Achimota SHS finally withdraws. Quizzed, if he is not worried his ward would be victimized, he disclosed that that was going to be rare and that there are teachers and students in Achimota SHS who see nothing wrong with the Tyrone Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea who are Rastafarians being admitted in Achimota Senior High.

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He furthered that the thoughts of the NAGRAT leadership on the ruling were unfortunate. “Children who go to school are not vagabonds in school but their upbringing determines that while students do not always change from good to bad in secondary schools.

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