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How to Gain Admission to Best SHS with Good BECE Grades in 2021

How to Gain Admission to Best SHS with Good BECE Grades in 2021

How to gain admission to the best SHS with good BECE grades has eluded many students including very brilliant ones each year. Each examination year, some brilliant students with good grades struggle to get admitted into their preferred school choices.

BECE grades to gain admission to the best SHS in Ghana must be of interest to all students who will sit for the 2021 examination come November 2021.


To gain admission to the best SHS in Ghana has never been based on luck, not even after the government had introduced the Free SHS.

This means all things held constant students must make very good grades as well as obtain the needed high raw scores to stand any chance of gaining admission to one of the best dream schools at the SHS level.

If you hear a parent complaining bitterly that his or her ward obtained grade 12 and did not get a particular big school for the ward but another got grade 15 and was admitted to the same school, know that the issues discussed in this article played out.

Wesley Girls High School, PRESEC Legon, Augustine’s College, Opoku Ware School, Peter’s Boys Senior High School, Accra Academy, Prempeh College, Holy Child School, Keta Senior Technical School, and Mfantsipm School are household names when the best Senior High Schools are mentions.

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To gain admission to the best SHS in Ghana is a dream come true for many how over others have failed to achieve this feat because of their raw scores and sometimes due to the wrong choices made in terms of programmes.

Since such schools stand tall, every student who wants to gain admission must achieve that by merit. To make it to one of these ten best SHS in Ghana, a student must very often make very good grades with a raw score of 400 out of 600 depending on the programme of choice. Just as there is intense competition and oversubscription to these schools, there is even fierce competition for each programme offered in such schools.

A minimum raw score of 400 implies a student should score an average of 67. Let us peg this at 70/100 per subject and that gives us a raw score of 420 (70*6).

Thus a student’s grade per the four core subjects plus any two best should help make the raw score since the raw score is the basis of admission and not the grade obtained.

Another way of gaining admission to any of the ten best schools is to make the right choice in terms of the programme a student intends to study at the SHS.

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For instance, if a student who intends to study Visual Arts or General Arts obtains a raw score between 380 and 450, he or she stands a better chance of gain admission than a Business or Science Student with the same raw score. Often the Business and Science programmes are competitive and oversubscribed.

This is one of the explanations why some students make good grades but are unable to gain admission to certain schools but another makes a comparatively lower grade and gains admission.

From all indications, the fact is that BECE grades to gain admission to the best SHS in Ghana demands hard work and the selection of the right program.

There are brilliant students who just want to gain admission to the best schools no matter the subject. For such students, they opt for Visual Arts or General arts which are not low-grade programs in any way however, such programs have the tendency to increase the chances of gaining admission.

Gaining admission to the Best SHS in Ghana demands a lot of dedication to study, hard work, and correct choices in terms of programmes and courses in such schools.



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We hope the write-up gives you a better idea of what to do to obtain the needed BECE grades to gain admission to the best SHS in Ghana.

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