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Advice To All GES Teachers On The 2023 Academic Calendar, must read

Teachers fleeing Ghana as if there is a war—Kwesi Pratt GES teachers advised on the academic calendar

GES Teacher with student

Advice To All GES Teachers On The 2023 Academic Calendar

Hon Jerry Akporhor , Founder and Lead Educator of Informed Teachers Network writes;

Greetings, Dear Colleague Teachers!

As we dive deeper into the new academic year, Let us ponder:

a. How many students will be able to fluently read by the end of term or year?

b. What will be the daily task tailored to foster growth?

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c. Who among our students may need extra help?

  • Let us reevaluate our strategies and make changes where necessary.
  • Let us strive to set achievable targets for our students.
  • Let us plan our daily activities with purpose and maybe even jot down reminders where we can easily see them. Our phones have reminders that can come handy.

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  • Let us strengthen our relationships with our Supervisors and fellow staff members, forgiving any past misunderstandings. Keep the lessons that forster’s healthier coexistence.
  • Let us approach our work with the same passion and dedication as if it were our own business, guided by Ecclesiastes 9:10.
  • Let us see our students as our own children, loving and guiding them as taught in Matthew 7:12.
  • Our classrooms should be interactive and emotionally supportive, a home away from home where students leave happy and eager to return. Not a lions den.
  • Let us take steps to do a little investigation about misbehaviors before correcting it, with a focus on growth rather than punishment.
  • Let us encourage, advise, and inspire our students, assuring them of our belief in their potential.
  • Let us recognize and reward their efforts in various ways, avoiding any undermining or ridicule in any form or nature.
  • Let us be attentive, always checking in on those who may be struggling, offering support and help wherever we can.
  • Remember to extend greetings to their parents and families, inquiring about their well-being. It costs nothing to do so.
  • Most importantly, let us never forget to pray for ourselves and our students. Without them, we have no job.
  • You might not like the teaching job, you might not like your salary but there’s no doubt that you like yourself and you will do anything to make yourself happy.
  • The school environmental is the place you spend at least 8hours every working day and you can’t afford to be sad there always. You have the power to influence the environment.
  • Together, let us create an environment where we and our students can flourish and reach our full potential.
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