Africans Do Not Vote For Competencies; They Vote For Money – Bitter Truth From Kennedy Agyapong

Africans Do Not Vote For Competencies, They Vote For Money - Kennedy Agyapong

Africans Do Not Vote For Competencies, They Vote For Money - Kennedy Agyapong

The current member of Parliament for the good people of Assin Central, Honorable Kennedy Agyapong speaks about Africans’ vote and how they try to choose money over competencies. Africans vote for Money, they do not vote for competencies. This is very sad that those with the requisite knowledge and and capabilities are not giving the nod to lead the power. However, we tend to money follow which will yield no positive reward.

The nature of Africans is very difficult to understand. We must change our mentality and embrace what is good always and what will help our continent. We must stop following people with money with no ideas and competencies to manage our continent. We must give the mandate to those who are knowledgeable, experienced,  skillful,  and above all able to serve to transform our motherlands.

Honorable Kennedy Agyapong speaks boldly about the current trend in Africa and why Africa is not developing. According to Honorable Kennedy Agyapong, he read an article that confirmed that Africans are interested in who will be able to do the job, but they are rather excited to follow anyone who has money. This is a bad omen to our continent. Wrong people are giving the nod to fill positions that they are not supposed to be there.  Money is being used to influence Africa at the expense of competencies, ideas, and skills.

” We only wonder why Africa is not moving forward.  We forget how we elect people with money over those with competencies. I read an article recently that shows that Africans are only interested in those who will give them money and not those who are ready and can do the work. I have the experience and the competencies to move our Country far and you need to give me the the chance by voting for me. I can deliver to the expectations of Ghanaians. We must change our mindsets. Africans don’t vote for competencies, they vote for money and they will suffer in the long term. We must change the narrative now”. – Honorable Kennedy Agyapong boldly stated as he appealed for votes to transform Ghana.

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