BECE: Do Not Enter The Exams Hall Without Knowing These ICT Terms

BECE: Do Not Enter The Exams Hall Without Knowing These ICT Terms

BECE: Do Not Enter The Exams Hall Without Knowing These ICT Terms. BECE candidates will write their final ICT exams on Monday. Candidates must therefore start wrapping up all that they have learned with a quick revision. They can do that by solving every question they get hold of. To aid the candidates, the author of this article today provides candidates with some key and basic terminologies in ICT. Thus, candidates must quickly learn these terms. Also, candidates must make some research and do more reading to fully equip themselves for their exams.

Never look for Apor, do a very good revision, and use our questions to test your readiness. Good luck with your exam.


It is a device connected to a host computer, but not part of it, and is more or less dependent on the host.


It is where the row and column intersect


The process of starting and restarting a computer


A command used to duplicate a text or an item on the computer


It is a set of logically related files organized to facilitate the access by one or more application programs and to minimize data redundancy

Hybrid Computer

A type of computer made with analog and digital


The part of the computer that we can see and touch


A system that prevents unauthorized use and access to your computer. It can be either hardware or software

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It is the graphical interface of a computer that allows users to click and drag objects with a mouse instead of entering text at a command line

IDE (Integrated Device Electronics)

It is an interface that connects the drives to the motherboard.


Interconnected network computers at different locations are linked together which enables them to share information.

Processing device

It is a device in a computer responsible for controlling the storage and retrieval of information.

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It is sometimes confused with a printer but a plotter uses line drawings to form an image instead of using dots


A technology that aids in gathering information about a person or organization without their knowledge.

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