3 thoughts on “BECE graduates with aggregate 30 to 48 do not deserve placement: They should be made to re-sit the BECE

  1. Masa masa please go be hash on your children and leave the website for peace makers.

    Why some people are like that. Do you how some of the children are feeling after seeing their results. Some children didn’t sleep they sacrifice their sleep just because of learning but have landed them in that grades. They have not given up forcing to make it. Do you think is your home alone that has discipline?

    Masa go lay your bed else where and sleep. You are disturbing the website.

    1. please, why not admitting them at least a category c school and also to make it as a fee paying admission. that will be better off… i think that will be the right way….or also to be in probation

  2. So what is the meaning of this or do you people think getting 30 in BECE is easy? because one subject we know that 6 is the pass mark we know and they are taking 6 subjects so if u calculate that it is 36 and a student manage to get 30 that means the student got 5 and less than 5 in each of the subject so if GES know that if a student get between 30 to 48 placement will not come that thing should have been addressed long time before allowing them to write the BECE because something that I know that this is the pass mark and I manage to get the pass mark you are now saying that they won’t go to school what’s the meaning of that

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