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Bill Gates’ marriage divorce: Four Decision Making Strategies We Learned

Bill Gates' marriage divorce

Who would have ever thought Bill Gates’ marriage divorce will ever happen? The founder of Microsoft shocked the world when he announced on Monday he was ending his 27-year marriage.

The announcement is still new but there are four decision making strategies we learned from their choices from the statement shared by Gates to announce their divorce.

Four things we learned from Bill Gates’ marriage divorce:

The lessons from the divorce of the world’s third-richest man should guide our decisions in life.

1st Decision Making Strategy Lesson:

Marriage couples ought to make top decisions, some of which will not be understood by society.

Since the third-richest man in the world announced the end of his marriage with Melinda, the world has been buzzing with questions.

2nd Decision Making Strategy Lesson Lesson

Bill Gates’ marriage divorce teaches that it takes husband and wife to appreciate their problems and take the final decision on how to live their lives.

The American business magnate and co-founder of Microsoft said they “no longer believe” that they can grow as a couple. Bill Gates and Malina are not talking about growing in age and all those thoughts. They mean if they stay together, it will frustrate their business ideas, beliefs, and philosophies. To them, their marriage is holding them back and the best way to reach their full potentials is to call it quits.

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3rd Decision Making Strategy Lesson

The divorce of the two goes beyond everyday perceptions and reasons. They are feeling it’s time to break the current synergy that is not succeeding as expected and build new ones individually with the social and financial capital at their disposal. They stand a great chance of becoming more successful and building bigger business partnerships between them and with others than they have succeeded in doing so far.



“After a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we have made the decision to end our marriage,” Gates tweeted.
The two, Gates and Melinda, are keeping their foundation intact. Although the marriage has hit the rocks, they will collaborate to ensure the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation does not suffer.
They have made huge investments in the search for a coronavirus vaccine and have donated to COVID-19 treatment research.
4th Decision Making Strategy Lesson
The final Bill Gates’ marriage divorce lesson is this:
They divorced their affections, but not their businesses. If they extend their divorce to the businesses they built together, they will all be at the losing end. This is a lesson to couples who upon deciding to divorce do not compromise on business and assets they acquired together. Many sell their hard-earned business and assets and share their returns.

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