Check out the HORRIBLE exclusive scripts of 84% of teachers who failed (GTLE) licensure exams

84% teachers failed (GTLE) licensure exams Check out their HORRIBLE exclusive scripts

It is important to put on record that 84% of teachers who sat for the (GTLE) licensure exams failed. This represents 6451 of the 7,728 candidates.

Check out the scripts of some teachers who failed (GTLE) licensure exams, and you would agree that, our so-called teachers are not good enough to be in the classrooms. This is a bitter truth that many teachers will fight you to disprove.

How can teachers who have undergone training and have graduated fail to impress with basic English composition questions that even learners in JHS1 and Primary 6 can answer with confidence?

In this post, we share some exclusively obtained scripts of prospective teachers who sat for the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) last month.

We must all be worried about this abysmal performance of those preparing our children for their future. From Preschool to SHS, we have these teachers in public schools.

This comes amidst the concerns expressed over the mass failure of the candidates.

Out of 7,728 prospective teachers who sat again for the exam conducted mainly in literacy and numeracy, 1,277 passed. This is unacceptable, no matter how teachers attempt to justify this. Again, the blame must rather be laid squarely t the doorsteps of the NTC, the Ministry of Education, and the Ghana Education Service.

What has the education focused public sector institutions done to improve teacher quality, the preparation of teachers, and the provision of relevant materials and textbooks for teachers to prepare for this examination?

How can you write a professional examination that has only areas to study without a study kit for teachers? This joke been championed in the name of teacher licensure examination must halt one day.

The 1,277 who passed figure represents 16.5 percent of the candidates who sat again for the examination, introduced to licensed teaching practitioners.

In some of the scripts obtained, the candidates were asked to write an essay of 200 words on how homework improves teaching and learning.

It is, however, not clear whether the candidates had difficulty understanding the question or just didn’t see the need to answer it.

The scripts attached are worrying to say the least.

Some of the teachers have poor comprehension skills

Poor skills in terms of understanding questions

Poor essay writing skills and the list goes on and on…, Then the question that comes to mind is, How did they pass their examination from WASSCE through College to become teachers. ?

Check out the HORRIBLE exclusive scripts of 84% of teachers who failed (GTLE) licensure exams

Aside from the horrible handwriting, it is impossible to read or understand the answers the candidates provided.

The Registrar of GTLE, Dr Christian Addai-Poku, expressing frustration over the development on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen, said some of the students also ended up repeating the questions they were asked.

He indicated that all the candidates had sat for the exam at least twice, with some sitting for as many as nine times.

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Dr Addai-Poku, however, noted they have another chance to justify themselves in an exams scheduled for November.


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