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Coronavirus infections in schools not alarming – GHS

Coronavirus infections in schools

Ten (10) year old Mariatu was one of the beneficiaries in one of the schools visited by the UNICEF Ghana team.

The Coronavirus infections in schools are not alarming according to the Ghana Health Service (GHS) especially looking at the number of school children the country is dealing with.

According to him, recording cases in schools was not a surprise to the health ministry in the first three or four weeks of reopening of school due to the movement from home to schools.

“It was expected that in the first three to four weeks because people were moving from home to school, we were going to have some cases,” he said at a press conference in Accra.

He further said so far, the country has not recorded any coronavirus related deaths in schools since the reopening of schools.

“Looking at the number of children we are dealing with… one, it’s high but comparatively, I wouldn’t say it is an alarming number. So far, we’ve not had any COVID related deaths in the schools,” he noted.

He announced that a total of 142 coronavirus positive cases have been recorded in some junior and senior high schools in four regions.

Fifty-six (56) positive cases were confirmed in 23 schools in the Greater Accra Region.

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Eighty-two (82) positive cases, comprising 73 students and nine staff were recorded in the Eastern region.

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The GMA had called for on government to consider closing schools due to the recorded coronavirus infections in schools.


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