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Delayed Teacher Trainees Allowance paid

Teacher Trainees Allowance paid: College of Education is Better

Information reaching this portal indicates the government has paid the teacher trainees allowance in arrears.

The Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) with the support of the Ministry of Finance successfully paid the trainees allowance which was five (5) months in arrears. 

The students whose allowances have been paid were those whose data was made available to the (SLTF) by the various Colleges of Education.


In a related development, some Colleges of Education have had to fall of creditors to perform their duties which required funding, and hence such schools have to now pay debts owed such suppliers with funds made available by the government. 


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The message received by teacher trainees to indicate they have been paid read “Your allowance has been paid. Please go to the bank, load, and withdraw your cash. You may call 0501340509 or 0302751020 for help. 


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