Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes After Release of 2020 SHS Placements

School Placements Mistakes

Five (5) School Placements Mistakes BECE graduates and parents must avoid if you have an interest in the 2020 school placement.

The release of the school placements for BECE graduates comes with responsibilities and needed action from graduates and parents. The 2020 School placements will be out on Sunday 28th February 2020. Per information available to us shows that the portal for checking placements will go live on Sunday which means candidates of the 2020 BECE can check which school they have benn placed. 

When the 2020 school placement is finally out, BECE graduated placed will be expected to report to school as SHS1 students on 10th March 2021. 

Unfortunately, every year when the Ghana Education Service releases the Free SHS school placements, some students and parents fail to take proactive steps to ensure a stress-free school placement regime.

This failure may be attributed to the lack of understanding of the placement processes and system or the mere lack of interest in the process by parents.

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Below are 5 things BECE graduates and their parents/guardians fail to do when placements are released by GES.

We expect these will happen in 2021 for the 2020 school placement and deem it prudent to update our cherish readers ahead. 

1. Failing to check school placements on time

Some parents and students fail to check the status of their school placement on time after the GES and the Free SHS secretariat have released the school placements on their portal.

It is very unwise to decide that, you do not want to check which school you have been placed in when the placement results are out.

When students and parents take this decision, it is possible to check later and find out their ward did not get placed in any of the schools they chose.

Then they start to blame the government for their lack of pro-activeness in selecting the right schools and also failing to check.

Once you check early, you can know your fate as to whether you got placed or not. This will put your mind at ease or help you do the needed self-placement early to get a good school, accommodation and programme.

2.Failing to choose the right programme/school and accommodation when doing self-placement.

It is a painful experience for both BECE graduates and their parents when they find out the student has not been placed.

Once your ward is not placed in any secondary school but is given a second chance to do the Free SHS Self Placement, take advantage of it and do it.

Sadly, some students will decide to go home to explain the issue to their parents.

Others will go home and tell their parents, they have been asked to come and check later.

It is better to decide with your parents what you should do just in case you are not placed, the action to take before you leave home for the internet cafe.

The reality is that schools put out for self-placement keep reducing in terms of the number of schools, programmes and accommodation.

There more you delay in making a decision whether to do the self-placement or not, the more lessor the schools and programmes become.

By the time you return the next day, you may have no school available or the programme you prefer might have been exhausted by others.


3. Not following students to cafes to check the school placement status

Another big mistake parents make once the GES releases the school placement is that they fail to follow their wards to the internet cafe.

Your child can do a wrong school placement if you do not follow them. They may do a self-placement into a school you may not like.

Our plea to parents is that, if you cannot check the placement at home for your ward, follow them to the internet cafe.

The reason is, just in case your ward is not placed, you can be assisted to make the right choice for them at the internet cafe.

If the student has to get back home and later come with you, you may get disappointed because the schools in the data from which your ward and others will be choosing from will not wait for you.

Other students in the same situation are also choosing the same schools across the country from the same data at the same time.

4. Leaving the cafe without doing a self-placement with the excuse that they want to consult or think through the options.

The worrying mistake students and their parents make includes walking out of the cafe angry for not been placed and refusing to take advantage of the self-placement. Well, if your gent angry and snob he system, go and complain about the issue on radio, it will not change the fact that you have to do self-placement if your ward is to be in school on March 10th 2021.

5. Again, parents fail to follow their children to the regional centres where officers of the Free SHS Secretariat are stationed to help students get placed if for some reasons they are unable to do the self-placement through the school placement portal.

Parents are advised to follow their wards to such centres for assistance. Without their commitment to the process and leaving the children to go and do this on their own is irresponsibility. 

Covid-19 is here with us and parents must take the front role to help students who would have to go through this stressful process of getting placed in a school. 

When the 2020 school placements are released, we call on all parents to take steps to ensure they avoid the mistakes we have outlined in this article. This will help ensure a stress-free process for them and their children. Let us avoid School Placements Mistakes.

The big question is how do students and parents prepare for Self Placement? and we got you covered

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