Many BECE 2020 Graduates to Miss Automatic School Placement – (CSSPS) Boss

2020 School Self Placement

Many BECE 2020 graduates will miss the Automatic School Placement and end up doing the 2020 School Self Placement when the 2020 SHS school placement status is released.

This is according to The National Coordinator of the Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS), Mark Sasu Mensah.

Massive 2020 School Self Placement Hint from (CSSPS) Boss

In a blog post sighted by, the (CSSPS) Boss assured that all 2020 BECE graduates will be placed in a secondary school.

“You might perform very well, but if you choose very competitive programmes, it becomes very difficult for you to get them. Parents should also ask themselves and their wards if the wards would be admitted to the schools that they are choosing,” he said as quoted by UniversNews.

He disclosed that there were little over 500,000 SHS self-placement slots available due to the upgrades and new structure put in place for the CSSPS system.

When the placements are finally released, he advised parents and candidates to access the student very well before selecting any of the available secondary schools in the self placement module.

The GES in its latest press release said the service and its stakeholders were still preparing to release the 2020 school placements.

In our earlier publications, we explained reasons why students miss school placements, how to do a self placement, and factors that are considered by the CSSPS system when placing students in respective schools.

We urge all parents and students to read the articles below and get ready for the self placement.

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