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General Agriculture WASSCE Questions (Part 1) – Solve Now

The General Agriculture WASSCE paper will be written on 1st September, 2023. Let’s take a look at these likely questions.

1. Which of the following diseases is caused by an environmental factor?
A. Damping-off
B. Mosaic
C. Rosette
D. Root knot

2. Weed which produce light and numerous seeds are normally dispersed by
A. Wind
B. Water
C. Animal
D. Insects

3. Farm survey equipments include the following except
A. Cross staff
B. Abeney level
C. Datum
D. Chain

4. In the internal combustion engine, power is transmitted from
A. camshaft to crankshaft
B. crankshaft to piston
C. piston to crankshaft
D. crankshaft to valve.

5. Which of the following is not a source of farm credit?
A. Personal savings
B. Banks
C. Money lenders
B. Extension officers

6. Sandy soils could be made more productive by
A. harrowing
B. liming
C. manuring
D. ploughing

7. Galls on roots of tomato plants are caused by
A. bacteria
B. eelworms
C. fungi
D. viruses

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8. The intra-row spacing of a plant is 10 m and the feeding area per plant is 50 m2. Determine the inter-row spacing of the plant.
A. 5 m
B. 40 m
C. 60 m

D. 500 m

9. All the following factors influence the adoption of a farming system by a community except

A. climate
B. political stability
C. customs of the people
D. the ration of men to women

10. Late filling-in in crop management results in
A. decrease in yield
B. difficulty in pruning plant parts

C. high incidence of diseases

D. variation in seedlings size.

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11. One way of preventing constipation in livestock is to feed them with

A. minerals

B. proteins


D. vitamins

12. In which of the following poultry management systems is movement of birds restricted?

A. Battery cage
B. Deep litter
C. Fold system
D. Free range

13. Which of the following conditions are associated with healthy cattle?
A. A smooth skin and Good appetite
B. A smooth skin and Isolation from herd
C. Isolation from herd and Good appetite
D. A and B only

14. The role of a supervisor in farm management is to

A. ensure that assignments are well carried out.
B. issue appropriate instruction to relevant
C. prevent any operation from lagging behind
D. receive feedback from all groups

15. Callosobrocus maculates is a storage pest of
A. maize

B. cowpea

C. groundnut

D. tomato

16. The gradual exposure of seedlings to environmental stress before transplanting is referred to as

A. earthing-up
B. hardening –off
C. pricking-out
D. topping-up

17. African marigold and bryophyllum are examples of
A. avenue trees
B. hedge plants
C. ground covers
D. bedding plants

18. A disc plough is connected to the tractor through the
A. drawbar
B. check chains
C. power take off shaft
D. three-point linkage

19. Landrace is a breed of
A. cattle

B. pigs

C rabbits

D. sheep

20. The piston of the internal combustion engine is linked to the crankshaft by the A. flywheel
B. camshaft
C. valve
D. connecting rod

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21. Holes are created at the bottle of nursery boxes to
A. serve as drainage
B. allow air to flow into the box
C. make lifting of boxes easier
D. enhance root expansion

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22. Which of the following crops is a biennial?
A. Onion
B. Pepper
C. Rice
D. Tomato

23. The use of fungal pathogens to control dodder weed is a
A. biological method
B. cultural method
C. mechanical method
D. physical method

24. One hector of farmland is equivalent to
A. 1 000 m2

B. 10 000 m2

C.100 000 m2

D. 1 000, 000 m2

25. Which of the following components of the plough helps in burying stubble during ploughing?

A. Beam
B. Disc
C. Furrow wheel
D. Scraper

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