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GES Additional Responsibility Allowance: Check If You Qualify And Apply

Teachers Responsibility Allowance

Do You Know The Full Requirements for GES Additional Responsibility Allowance?

In a recent publication on the non-payment of GES Additional Responsibility Allowance to deserving teachers and non-teaching staff, some teacher unions called on their officers in various districts to collect and collate data on members who qualify for additional responsibility allowances.

A letter from the Ghana Education Service (GES) dated 2nd March 2021, said I have made complaints regarding the payment of responsibility allowances known to it.

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In an effort to avoid doubts, details about the GES Additional Responsibility Allowance have been given by the management of the service as follows :

a. The GES Additional Responsibility Allowance is NOT permanent emoluments paid to all staff

b. The additional responsibility allowances are paid to ONLY Senior Professional Staff assigned specific additional responsibilities.

c. The categories of GES staff who qualify for additional responsibility allowance include

i. School Heads at the Basic and Junior High School level

ii. Officers of the service working in Senior High school as

a. Headmasters / Mistresses

b. Assistant Headmasters/ Mistresses

c. Senior Housemasters/Mistresses

d. Chaplains and Imams

e. Form Masters/ Mistresses

f. Guidance and Counselling Coordinators

g. Heads of Departments (Program Heads)

iii. Unit Heads (Front Linders Headquarters, Regional Education Offices, and District Offices)

This means that all other teachings and non-teaching staff not included in the above list do not qualify for any responsibility allowance.

The GES has paid the responsibility allowances of 40,469 staff of the service as of September 30th, 2020.

It further called on all staff who are performing any of the above additional duties but have not been paid to contact their respective Regional and District offices to complete documentation for their allowances to be processed.

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It is hoped that this brings to finality the brouhaha about GES staff who are performing additional duties without a commensurate allowance. Staff who deserve the GES responsibility allowance are encouraged to take action.



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