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Ghanaian Bloggers Face Alleged Assault By Dr. Grace Boadu’s Family – Shocking Video Inside!

Grace Boadu, 46, was a herbal doctor and the chief executive officer (CEO) of Grace Gift Herbal Clinic and Laboratory Services, which had locations in Kumasi, Accra, and other cities in Ghana. The circumstances surrounding her unexpected death have sparked public discussion. After five Ghanaian bloggers went to the home of Dr. Grace Boadu’s relatives to inquire about the burial arrangements, the relatives assaulted them severely. One of the victims claims that the family began by physically abusing Papa J, a popular YouTuber who had interviews with Dr. Grace Boadu’s uncle and stated that Grace, the founder of Grace Gift Herbal Clinic, had no husband and no children when she died. After the family attacked Papa J, they went after the other bloggers, threatening to beat them to death and cut off their phone service.

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They beat them up, but that wasn’t bad enough. Then they trashed their car and treated them like thieves, evicting them from the residence. The bloggers have informed the Ejisu Police Command about the incident, and they are currently waiting for an inquiry. The circumstances and rumors surrounding the untimely death of Grace Boadu, CEO of Grace Gift Herbal Clinic, continue to be discussed even after weeks have passed since her stunning and unexpected passing.

Prophet Azuka has recently warned the herbal doctor’s family not to remain at the home of the late man, according to a new update. He claims there is a supernatural component to Grace Boadu’s death and that the spirit that allegedly killed her is still active in the house, looking for someone to prey on. According to him, Grace Boadu’s wealth was amassed with the aid of a spirit, but she foolishly intended to play the spirit for a fool, which ultimately led to the spirit’s demise. The death of Dr. Grace is still leaving most of Ghana in a state of shock. May her soul rest in peace.

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