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Movie Director Reveals Why McBrown Enlarged Her Lip

Sammy Rasta, a film director, has stated that Nana Ama McBrown did not get lip fillers for pleasure but rather for a future production. He responded to the outpouring of criticism that the actress has received since her new features were photographed on social media by saying that McBrown deserves a break. According to him, McBrown’s new look is just the latest example of how actors undergo extensive physical transformations to play their roles. Some people are saying that McBrown uses lip fillers and other cosmetic enhancements. Aba Dope and her have become close, and the two have been seen together on the set of a film. To fit into movie roles, actors often drastically alter their bodies, including losing weight.

In a conversation on TV XYZ, he argued that McBrown’s lip fillers were intended for a movie role.

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The habit of Ghanaians always dictating to celebrities was another thing he bemoaned.”Why are Ghanaians interested in dictating how other people should live their lives these days?” They count on you to keep them apprised of your whereabouts and intentions at all times. This is getting out of hand. “The baseless attacks on McBrown are getting to be too much,” he continued. He went on to say that Aba Dope is starring opposite Nana Ama McBrown in the film she is currently filming, which is why she had the lip fillers.”She and her group have settled on a plan, including Aba Dope. Last year, she informed me about this. “She and Aba Dope are the main characters in the movie,” he said. Earlier, at an Instagram-captured event, the Onua ShowTime host appeared to have lip fillers, as her lips appeared noticeably larger and more protruding. When a series of photos showing her virtually unrecognizable even with minimal makeup appeared online, netizens quickly noticed that she had had the operation. Since then, McBrown has been the target of criticism from those who think she has taken a page out of the famous Ghanaian socialite Aba Dope’s playbook when it comes to her use of lip fillers.

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