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GNAT Top 5 Teachers Financial Matters: GES, CAGD Must Act

Teachers Financial Matters

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) at its last National Executive Meeting (NEM) discussed 5 Teachers Financial Matters of great concern to the chalk fraternity. 

Top 5 Teachers Financial Matters :

The first top financial matter GNAT sought to get resolved quickly bordered on Base Pay and Minimum Wage for 2021. According to the union, it is in discussions with the Employment and Labour Relations stakeholders on the matter.

It further disclosed that 12,000 newly trained teachers are to be put on payroll by Controller and Accountant-General CAGD. The annual ritual of delaying the teachers transfer onto government payroll needs to be looked at.

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The union further indicated that delays in getting government financial clearance led to the slowing down of efforts towards upgrading teachers from lower ranks up to the Principal Superintendent rank. However, it did not give further details as to when this will be completed.

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The unions are working hard to ensure outstanding legacy areas of teachers are paid by the government.

The final of the Top 5 Teachers Financial Matters discussed at the GNAT (NEM) had to do with the restoration of responsibility allowance. GNAT said the responsibility allowances will be reinstated in June 2021.

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Teachers will be hoping that these issues will be dealt with soon and properly.



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